Fastnet 2019

Fastnet 2019

Training weekends and up to 11 races including the Fastnet. Experienced skipper plus several experienced team members most of who have raced on Wild Spirit before.
Wild Spirit is Coded 40 footer that won the 3 Peaks Yacht Race in 2018. We have a new carbon main for 2019 and the Carbon Genoa was new in 2018. We were full before Xmas but work realted issues have created a vacancy. £3250 includes all on board food, safety gear, fees, fuel, marinas, we don’t do hidden extras.

We are after committed team members, not people who just want to tick off a Fastnet and spend all their time on Facebook. This doesn’t mean you need to be an experienced racer but we expect people to get up for their watches on time and really try on behalf of all the team.

1st to 3rd March Training weekend

5th to 7th April JOG race to Nab Tower and training Sunday.

19th April—but allow joining Thursday evening 18th Easter JOG race to Cherbourg plus return race Back Easter Monday probably morning
0700 start HWP 1121 so can either go up with tide or o/n Cowes Thursday night

4th May—BH BH race to Le Havre – start Sat 0900
Can go up with tide before start

24th May 0900 start ISAF course–£65 for Fastnet team and you can o/n before FOC

25th May—BH Eddystone race—probably join Friday evening but this is sometimes a slow race so allow for finish as late as Tuesday morning. If we complete the 2 BH races we have qualified. Start 0800 Sat—consider o/n Cowes Friday due to tides.

8th June but join Friday evening De Guingand in Channel—if we are all qualified by 1st June we might not do this one Start 0900 Sat
Might be good to o/n Cowes Friday night as HWP is 0330 Sat

21st June Morgan Cup,1900 Fri start—we only do this if we haven’t qualified by 10th June.

29th June RTIR £300 extra currently Helen, Ralph, Andres, Rob, me + Pete and Nick from 3 PYR 7/2/18

12th July Either St Malo race if we need still qualifying miles or training weekend depending on team members this might convert to YM prep weekend. Now 0830 Friday start so we would need to meet Thursday evening but can go up on tide Friday morning This race is notorious for becalming near finish and the cruise/training is my favoured option, it also means less time off work.
We are definitely sailing this weekend

Fastnet Evening Friday 2nd August. Saturday 3rd August—Fastnet starts Cowes 1300
Allow for finish as late 11th. Tide works to go up morning of the race.

14th August After the Fastnet we will have cruise starting Plymouth, which is not part of programme, but nominal cost to team members.

20th September JOG race to Cherbourg

27th September JOG Lymington race weekend

TBC Poss Re-union weekend in Oct or Nov.

Bareboat charter Half price to team members with suitable qualifications and experience, 2 or more can combine for free weekend in Autumn

Wild Spirit on our way to winning 3 Peaks yacht Race 2018

1) Safely complete the race
2) Enjoy ourselves
3) Do as well as we can

4) We don’t qualify, but we have more races schedules than most ‘Pay to Play’ operators and I can probably persuade the RORC to accept qualifying miles from the JOG races plus Volvo Round Ireland.
5) Something happens to Wild Spirit or the Skipper—we may be able to arrange a substitute yacht acceptable to the RORC and we have several potential substitutes for skipper.

previous Fastnet team

We will do our best to manage any risks but can’t give guarantees.

Wild Spirit is coded to MCA standards plus complies with RYA and RORC/WSF standards and is correctly insured for all races, training etc.

Policies etc
As long as it is legal and we don’t have to join in we don’t mind what you believe in or what gender or race you are. If you have bits missing or other issues and we can cope with any resulting problems we can probably welcome you to the team, it is about what you can do.
We don’t drink and sail, we do have a few drinks after races but it isn’t compulsory.
Wild Spirit is Non Smoking, Non-Vaping and absolutely no illegal substances.
We don’t hold mail out lists and the only people we will give your details to are other team members or those with legal power to require them e.g. MCA.
End of the small print—if you can’t trust the people you sail with you are on the wrong boat

Finishing a previous Fastnet

For more info call Paul on 01823 433813 or [email protected] but note he is skippering a Farr 65 in caribbean 600 so away 10th to 26th February.