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Ready, Steady, Go

The Caribbean 600 starts tomorrow in Falmouth Antigua and Paul is skippering Spirit of Juno a Farr 65, seen close tacking in this picture just after the start in 2017. In April we will finish the first of our RYA Mile Builders in Falmouth, Cornwall. This mile building passage is full, as is the next one to Dublin, but there is one place left on the RYA mile builder from Dublin to Troon and several on the later Mile building trips out to the Hebrides off Scotland.

May be a slight delay in answering e-mails but either Judith or I will respond.

Training Underway

Training for the Caribbean 600 starts today on Juno a Farr 65–see picture.

All our trips include apropriate training, this is differs between yachts and trips so for racing a 65 footer it includes safe use of running backstays , coffe grinders and big winches. For our Scotland RYA mile builder trips there is more of a focus on safe navigation and understanding tides.For those going for Yachtmaster there is also a focus on passage planning as part of their mile building.

AIS PLBs for Scotland

The picture shows us recovering a crew member in a MOB practice in warmish water. An MOB in the Solent isn’t necessarily serious, particularly if they have a Lifejacket on and it is a sunny day with warm water.

At night, with no-one readily available to assist, it can be a very different matter. Those who have done RYA courses will know to keep pointing at the MOB, those who hve done it for real in a Gale at night know it isn’t quite that simple. So we have just purchased AIS PLBs to fit to the Lifejackets used on Wild Spirit. If anyone goes overboard with a lifejacket on in one of our Scottish Mile Building Courses the AIS and strobe activate automatically and the casualties position shows on both the GPS and Radio. During Mile Builder sailing we wear Lifejackets on deck at all times but the new AIS PLBs give an extra layer of safety.

Preparing for Scotland

The new Dyneema for the backstay has arrived. This is part of our preparations for mile builder sailing in Scotland in 2018. When I looked at it I initially thought they had sent the wrong size so I checked it out and despite being only 6mm it really does have a breaking strain of 4500Kg

Paul is away working in Caribbean

I know, but someone has to do it. E-mails will be answered but replies may be delayed and a bit short. If you want to follow Spirit of Juno in the Caribbean 600 race google but we are a Round the World racing yacht so unless we have quite a lot of wind we can’t compete with the lightweight yachts. However if it is does blow…. The availabilities on the web site are correct and we will deal with enquiries for bookings in the order we get them. The RYA courses in March and April will fill up as we get more than half the enquiries in the 3 weeks before the course starts. The Milebuilder courses are almost full up to June but if you want to do some mile building sailing the July and August courses have places. These RYA mile builders will be out of Troon in Scotland and include the Hebrides plus one trip out to St Kilda.

YachtMaster Instructors Conference

Lawrence and Dan learning to tie a Round turn and 2 Half Hitches.We can add line spaces.We can add links

Paul is away at RYA YachtMaster Instructors conference this weekend. We teach RYA practical courses up to Yachtmaster Prep from Sea Scouts, doing their Comp Crew in picture, up to those even longer in the tooth than the skipper. This summer we will concentrate on Mile building sailing off Scotland, including out to St Kilda, and those on RYA Mile builders can draw upon Paul’s experience of more than 100,000NM of sailing.

Upright in Fair Isle

Long before iron or lead keels the good people of Fair Isle used rocks to increase stability. We have sailed into North Haven on Fair Isle and had a great night there and also saw the vessel in the picture and later it sailing comfortably in F3. Our RYA Milebuilders may take us this far north this summer though the key thing on a Mile Building trip is the weather.

CCC Guides

Clyde Cruising Club guides are really useful when sailing on the West of Scotland and the CCC has been publishing them since 1909. We have just bought some in preparation for our Mile Building trips out of Troon. We have also added a new RYA mile Builder from Corpach to Troon and this is a great value trip which will take in at least one serious tidal challenge.

Photo of us off Scotland in 2014

Judith in Charge

Judith (seen here in a gale after we had been knocked down in the Pacific) is in charge as Paul is away from 14th to 21st January. She will deal with enquiries for RYA Mile Builder courses and the Mile Building sailing off Scotland and out to St Kilda.