Racing Archive

Racing Archive

2018 taking off

Bookings are coming in for the Caribbean 600. They have started a bit later than last year and I suspect this is Hurricane related. Antigua has not been affected though nearby, low lying, Barbuda was badly hit. Some of the Caribbean Islands will have shortages of accomodation and there may be a knock on effect in Antigua but we include accomodation on Juno, our spacious 65 footer, alongside in the Marina next to the Yacht Club. The mile building sailing in Scotland is also filling up with just 2 places left on the Troon to Barmouth and Dublin to Troon Trips.

RYA and Bar

The RYA course ending on 10th Novemeber was one of the most enjoyable ever. Stuart not only easily passed his Comp Crew but proved a good Helm. Max comfortably passed his Day Skipper and Barry, Paul D and Mike continued to build experience towards YM. The wind was variable and intially it looked like we might get used to hearing the engone, but we mangaed to find enough wind and then it was a case of where was more sheltered. Our Maximum was Force 7 on the last day and we hit 11.6 knots over the ground coming back in through Hurst. The Scocial side was excellent with Irish Night in Cowes giving us the ‘earworm’ of Danny Boy for the rest of the week, stridently performed by Paul D we came to know and expect it. I can only hope that when we are doing the Mile builders off Scotland next year the Mull of Kintyre does not have the same effect. Thank you Max, Paul, Barry, Mike and Stuart.

Away Sailing until 10th Novemeber

We are running a RYA course so away until next Saturday. There may be a bit of a delay in answering e-mails.

The sailing mile builder trips are starting to book up for next year with Dublin to Troon having only one place left. 2 -laces left in Volvo Round Ireland team and space for the caribbean 600 in February.

3 Peaks Silverware

We picked up our cup for the 3 Peaks last weekend and have finalised the team for next year’s race. Tom and shelf from this year remain whilst Peter Thorn joins as a sailor and Jon Morgan the World Record holder for a Marathon in fancy dress joins as a runner. We will be based at Troon in Scotland next summer which is more convenient for the 3 Peaks and we will be running a mile builder trip after the 3 Peaks finish.


If you get an e-mail on a BT account that seems to come from me and says our bank details have changed, or asks for money in anyway or has an attachment to open please just delete it.

Problem first appears about 10th October and I understand is now fully resolved (1/11/17)

Sea Scouts and Milebuilders

Just back from 4 days of taking Sea Scouts sailing as part of our annual ‘Not for profit’ activity.


I have just heard from Andy who has returned with the explorer scouts having had a fabulous time away with you…..

Once again, thank you for your time and the opportunity

Best wishes


Several bookings for the Mile building trips to Scotland this week and a couple more enquiries.

The singing skipper

Those who have sailed to Ireland and Scotland on Mile builders with us will know that the skipper sometimes does the odd song and one kind critic wrote ‘Jackson was seldom more than an octave off the tune’. The picture was taken in Cowes during the October RYA course–we are sailing next week so i will see if they will let me back in.

Todays e-mail

Hello Paul

First of all a few lines to say how much I enjoyed my time on Wild Spirit this week. It was perfect – well OK the wind was a bit too much or too little but that’s sailing. I learned a great deal and thank you for giving me the opportunities to extend my skills and knowledge. The food set a standard I will never match!

Can you book me a place on either 312/313 please and let me know how much deposit you need?

Lastly I hope the Sea Scouts trip isn’t too badly affected by Storm Brian.

Kindest regards,

Nell Stockton

I hope Nell will also join us on one of our Scottish Mile Builder trips out of Troon next summer.

RYA success

The RYA course ending 19th October saw some interesting weather, with gale warnings (though we never got the gale) and one of the grimest skies i have ever seen, apparently due to ash from forest fires in Portugal plus sand from the Sahara.

All 5 passed with flying colours and had a great time culminating with a splendid meal at ‘On the Rocks’ in Yarmouth. A couple are already looking at Mile builder cruises off Scotland with us next year.