Yacht Racing—Volvo Round Ireland 2018

Yacht Racing—Volvo Round Ireland 2018

The UK racing season tails off in September.

We finished 3rd in our last race of the season to Cherbourg, and now we focus more on racing somewhere warmer and then 2018 is a Volvo Round Ireland year.

The Sydney to Hobart is expensive but we won Division in 2015 and 2016, so if you are only going to do one S2H we are the team to be with as our record for finishing must be about the best for any yacht.

Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2015

Drop me an e-mail with a brief sailing CV but bear in mind we normally fill up by the end of October. Most years work or domestic issues mean a late place becomes available.

In February we have the Caribbean 600 on a Farr 65.

carry on corey

Paul is skippering this one again plus the 8 day cruise up from Grenada to Antigua beforehand. If you have a partner that sails but doesn’t race then you could both do the cruise, have a few days on Antigua, they go back whilst you selflessly stay on a few days to help the team race.

The C600 is not normally that challenging though we have seen 30 knots which seperates a Farr 65 from the lesser yachts. At £1750 for early bookings it is great value especially as, unlike most others, you can stay on board alongside in Falmouth Harbour next to the yacht club.

We will be doing the 3 Peaks Yacht Race again and using Wild Spirit. This is a seriously tough race which Paul has done 3 times picking up, silverware every time, as of 11th October.


We haven’t sorted the team yet so if you are a really good racer with shorthanded experience get in touch–we have a World Record Holder as one runner and our other is Shelf-Stuart Walker who has held the record for fastest unsupported crossing of Britain and been King of the Mountains twice.

The Volvo Round Ireland is the big one for 2018. It starts 30th June and we will have a 2 week package including training. At £1750 for early bookings it is a great opportunity to take part in what many consider to be the best offshore race in the World.
VRIR scenery 2

We will be racing against old friends and enjoying the legendary Irish hospitality. Last time we beat Irish Offshore Sailing and Logic in the sailing school class but Irish National sailing school team just knocked us into second place. Here we are alonside a former race winner on day 4.

VRIR alongside previous winner

With training most sailors can complete this race, it really depends on how determined and resilient you are.

Hi Paul,
I’m just writing to say how much I enjoyed crewing for you in the recent race to Cherbourg.
I had a great time on board the Wild Spirit, and appreciate all the teaching, advice and patience shown to me by yourself and the rest of the crew.


We teach people to race offshore and offer team places for the Round Ireland, round the Island, Fastnet, Sydney Hobart etc.