Mile Builder Trips

Mile Builder Trips

2019 sees Wild Spirit back in Lymington so our Mile builder trips are mainly S. coast, France, Channel Islands and one out to the Isles of Scilly

ID Join Likely Finish Event Price Spaces  
WS363 14 Aug
24 Aug
RYA Comp Crew /Milebuilder cruise to the Scillies £575 0 Email Wild Spirit

Meet Plymouth Wednesday evening ready to catch tide Thursday morning and head west.
Itinerary is weather plus team dependent but the Isles of Scilly are top of the list.
We finish Lymington and the price reflects this plus it is after the Fastnet but we have several days for any repairs. In the, most unlikely, event of this trip being cancelled we will refund cost in full, but travel is down to you. In 12 years of doing trips after the Fastnet, Round Ireland and 3 Peaks Yacht race we haven’t had to cancel a single one.

You can do RYA Competent Crew on this one and it is good for building miles plus experience add £50 to cover Oilies and RYA fees.

It is quite possible we will also visit Channel Islands and possibly France so a Passport is needed.

WS373 8 Sep
15 Sep
7 day Milebuilder and Comp Crew with cross channel £495 0 Email Wild Spirit

Join Sunday evening 8th September and probably sail in Solent Monday then cross channel. As ever itinerary is weather dependent but should include 2 channel crossings and at least 4 night hours. For milebuilder cost is £495, for Comp Crew add £40 to cover Oilies, log book etc.

Back early afternoon Sunday so good for those who have to travel a distance.

Cost includes good on board food, marinas, fuel etc. We will probably also have a few Dinners out at restaurants and Pubs i have selected through years of selfless research.

September is a great month to sail, the sea is at its warmest on 21st Sept but the summer rush is over so no stress about getting berthing for the night.

By doing Competent Crew on this one you will also gain more experience, a couple of ‘Qualifying Passages’ and have a good holiday.

If you want to have sole occupancy of a cabin then add £150 but we will only have a maximum of 6 on board and we are codedd (=licensed) for 10.

We run with a maximum of 6 on board for most trips and we stop to see places and have a good meal out. I know where to go and have selflessly researched restaurants, museums, markets etc.This is different from a non-stop Delivery trip which some companies run when they need a yacht moving from A to B.
Wild Spirit is a MCA coded vessel with full safety spec and the skipper will normally be me (Yachtmaster Ocean Commercial with over  100,000NM logged+ RYA/ISAF Instructor).

In 2010 we sailed round Britain and Ireland and even went out to St Kilda. In 2011 our destinations included the Isles of Scilly and the always popular D-Day beaches trip. In 2012 we cruised round Ireland for 6 weeks.2013 saw the Scillies and Brittany whislt 2014 was Irealnd, the Hebrides and the Scillies. The cruises include Yachtmaster qualifying passages and are great for single people and couples. These cruises are an excellent opportunity for those wanting to build miles for RYA qualifications and many of our sailing courses pupils take at least one cruise with us. Weekends may see us in the Solent, going round the Island or to Weymouth or Poole. Long weekends may include a night crossing, or early morning start, for France or Alderney.  Dining at the Fuchsias Restaurant, St Vaast, Normandy.All our cruises include at least one good meal out, this and drinks ashore are not included in the cost. We also eat well on board, this plus not filling up every berth led Sailing Today to describe us as ‘Hassle free sailing at its best’. We take the opportunity to visit local points of interest, markets etc. Our cruises for 2017 included France the Channel Islands, whilst 2018 were to Ireland, Wales and the Hebrides.

Alongside in Portmagee Ireland

Wild Spirit is a fast cruiser which has won the 3 Peaks Yacht Race, completed Fastnets, Volvo Round Ireland races etc and sailed around Britain including St Kilda. She is more comfortable than many yachts with hot water, a full heating system and plenty of room for everyone to sit down below or in the cockpit. Whilst she is coded for 10 people we normally have a maximum of 6 on board when cruising.

Her safety equipment fully meets legal requirements and includes Radar an Electronic Position Indicating Radio Beacon AIS and ‘sea brake’ system. I am a commercial Ocean Yachtmaster and Royal Yachting Association Yachtmaster Instructor who has sailed over 100,000 miles including Royal Ocean Racing Club events in severe conditions and won Class twice in the Sydney Hobart.

updated 9/8/19