Qualified for Fastnet

Pic of a Hare from Rathlin Island, at the start of the Eddystone race we were much more like a Tortoise, but when we had some wind we got going and finished the race in under 2 days logging 347 NM for a 230 course. This means we have now completed the qualifying miles required for the Fastnet. We have some more races to come before August but we also have several RYA Milebuilder trips. Mile building sailing has a maximum of 6 on board and normally we have some qualifying passages for Yachtmaster.

Ready to Go

After our cross channel RYA Milebuilder to Alderney, Weymouth, and Poole Wild Spirit was lifetd and scrubbed ready for racing–pic

Our next mile building sailing is on 20th July to 27th when we will cross the channel again. 2 regulars on board at present and a max of 6 when we are running a mile builder.

4 day mile builder to St Vaast

Pic of fastnet team at restaurant in St Vaast

We have a 4 day mile building trip to St Vaast starting Weds evening 15th May and coming back on the Sunday. max of 6 on board and 2 regulars already booked.

late addition to programme so only £245 but allow for a good meal or 2 out plus possibility of bringing some wine back.

As ever destinations are weather dependent but we lose less than one day a year of complete sailing to it.

October all over?

On our way to winning 3 Peaks yacht race 2018

October all over–traditional saying about hurricane season

Rumours that Wild Spirit and I may go our separate ways are true. From next December to about July 2020 I should be sailing slowly across the Pacific with Aussie Bruce and there seems little point in keeping a yacht in one of the most expensive marinas in the UK if I am not going to use it. This just part of the story, winning the 3 Peaks Yacht Race in 2018 was a pinnacle and from the top there is only one way. Having run Wild Spirit for 15 years I have made a lot of friends and contacts in the sailing world so I am wondering if anyone has any sensible suggestions for a way forward that doesn’t involve never sailing on her again. There seem to be a few options. My company owns WS so I could sell the company so she remains Coded and with a berth in Lymington Yacht Haven (waiting list). I could go for a Yacht fraction scheme but have no real knowledge of how these work plus live 96 miles from Lymington. Finally I could just sell her via a broker and accept their 5% fees through gritted teeth. This last option doesn’t appeal so much as I suspect that her new Carbon sails, Dyform Rig etc will not be reflected in the valuation. I also have a website, about 14 sets of Oilies and many spares which I would have to through in at well under their value. We have run on a ‘Not for Profit’ basis for about 10 years as once, whilst also doing some consulting, I did make a profit and had to pay Tax. Since then, most years we have given at least £1K to charity, but it would be wrong to think you could make a sensible living running her out of Lymington Yacht Haven. Probably looking at October —any sensible suggestions, do please drop me an e-mail at [email protected]

5th to Cherbourg

Pic is somewhere else and £25 off any event for first person to recognise Port. It shows what a harbour looks like with no breeze. At times in the Cherbourg race we had no wind at all but the sea wasn’t as calm as the picture and with multiple sail changes we made slow progress to Cherbourg and struggled against the tide to finish. But finish we did unlike half of the fleet who retired. A memorable JOG race with good party and meal out afterwards. If you would like to sail to Cherbourg on one of our cross channel RYA Milebuilders and have a good meal out then do give me a call. On mile building sailing trips we will motor if we don’t have wind.

YachtMaster Prep weekend

Pic–teach an old sea dog a new trick

As well as more Mile building sailing this summer we also have a couple of regulars getting ready for their YM Coastal so we are putting on a couple of weekends of assessment, development and practice with the first starting 31st May. No Qualifying Passages on this one as these are available on our RYA Milebuilder trips to France, the Channel Islands and Scillies. We have a maximum of 3’Students’ for the weekend but you can just come and sail, observe the process and gain experience.

Easter in Cherbourg

Pic of an Australian yacht I have raced on, no drinking and sailing on Wild Spirit but after the race to Cherbourg we will have a good meal out. Unlike on our Mile builder trips to France we don’t bring any wine back. On sailing mile building we normally have space for a case or so each and I know where to buy it.

RYA Mile building trip to Alderney

Pic of one of our race teams in Cherbourg after a cross channel race.We have a max of on for Milebuilder sailing trips.

Alderney is one of our favourites for RYA Milebuilder courses and we often stop in to Cherbourg as well. It always depends on the weather plus team aspirations and strengths. Alderney can seem a bit daunting for those with limited experience as it involves gates, big tides and the Aderney Race. As well as miles and experience the RYA mile buildwers also give you the opportunity to be fully involved with passage planning and sailing Wild Spirit, a comfortable fast cruiser that won the 2018 3 Peaks Yacht race. Our Mile building trips normally include at least 2 Qualifying Passages for YachtMaster and often team members can skipper one of them.

Nab Tower (and back)

Picture of us nicely powered up on our way out to the Nab on the first race of the season. We finished 11/21 which represented a good result for a team racing together for the first time, and for some of them their first race.

pic above is the rest following us back from the Nab to Cowes.

A great racing weekend though not much wind for the practice on Sunday. We run on carbon sails for racing and either Vektron or laminate for our RYA mile builder sailing. We carry a spinnaker on mile building trips and it gets used most times.