Mile building sailing Fowey

Pic Fowey waterfront

Fowey is one of Paul’s favourite ports of call. Established well before the Norman invasion, with the local church first established some time in the 7th century; the estuary of the River Fowey forms a natural harbour which enabled the town to become an important trading centre. Privateers also made use of the sheltered harbourage. Our Milebuilder sailing out of Plymouth is also likely to include stops at Falmouth and Helford River. Depending on the teams’ experience and the weather the Isles of Scilly are also likely stops and we may well have Qualifying passages for RYA YachtMaster.

Milebuilder sailing Cornwall or Corfu?

Pic–Newlyn at Low water

Our Plymouth based mile building sailing trips are great for progressing towards YachtMaster and sailing in beautiful uncrowded places. You don’t need to be an expert but I wouldn’t want you to tell your Partner it is like sailing in the Med. What’s the difference? 1) We don’t have to rush to get to a port or anchorage by 1430 to make sure we get a spot for the night. 2) Enough Wind to sail comes most of the time, not at 1500 just after you dropped your anchor which is what happens in many Greek Ports (Katabatic effects). 3) The beaches and scenery are better and you won’t be kept awake by nightclubs playing horribly distorted electronic ‘music’ Any questions about Mile building sailing just drop Paul an e-mail or call on 01823 433813 between 0800 and 2000 UK time (not Australian time Bruce).

What happens on a Milebuilder sailing trip?

Obvious answer is we go sailing and build miles. But it varies with individual aspirations, the strength of the team and the weather. Mile Building is not the same as gaining experience, just consider a TransAtlantic crossing, you get all the miles you need to take YachtMaster but none of the parking practice needed for the exam. You also get very limited relevant navigation practice for YM Offshore or Coastal. With us we aim to help develop all your sailing skills and this can only be done when we understand your current level and where you want to go. Possibly you have completed Day Skipper but before you want to take the family sailing in Greece feel a bit more eperience is wise. Several couples on recent Mile Building sailing trips were about to buy their own yacht and before setting off wanted to work out safety when short handed sailing. This doesn’t mean you need to be an experienced sailor to join a trip out of Plymouth but you do have to be happy to help sail Wild Spirit as part of the team.

July Mile building sailing trip

We are provisionally taking bookings for 23rd to 29th July Milebuilder trip out of Plymouth Yacht Haven. Our Covid money back guarantee will apply. Cabin occupancy will be restricted to singles or couples only so we will have less people on board. I am not sure how many Qualifying Passages we will have for RYA YachtMaster or the number of night hours, but if we can we will be sailing and already have one booking from a regular. There is a possibility of other Mile Building sailing trips befor this and we have a ‘short notice’ list which you are welcome to join if you want to. just e-mail [email protected] These will start and finish in Plymouth

Ready, Steady, No

Pic of Mini Subs used in 2nd World War, base was on Isle of Bute which would have been visiting at least once this year.

Whilst Day Sailing for Households may now be permitted we can’t run our Milebuilder sailing yet as this would be more than households and also overnight. If you are a genuine household that has people with relevant experience and qualifications you might be able to charter Wild Spirit for Day Sailing out of Plymouth but we don’t do dodgy so please don’t get in touch unless you can be legal. Our Mile building sailing trips out of Plymouth Yacht Haven are still scheduled to restart on 2nd August but we are just about good to go as soon as we legally can. We have a list of people who would like to sail ASAP but of course work etc may reduce the number who can actually go so do get in touch to add your name.

Milebuilder Destination change

Scotland 😛 testing link

It won’t be the one in the picture as this is South of Tasman Island from a Sydney to Hobart.

The Milebuilder sailing trip starting from Plymouth Yacht on 2nd September will now finish back at there on 11th. There is free Car Parking available and a good train Service to Plymouth. This is a Mile building trip but I am not sure how many night hours or Qualifying Passages for RYA YachtMaster there will be. Normally for a milebuilder we have an idea about the QPs etc in advance and we modify plans to suit the teams experience, desires plus of course the weather. This time we may have to factor in official controls as well so arriving in Alderney may be no issue but France might be.

Mile building sailing v Delivery

We are offering Milebuilder sailing trips this summer. On these trips everyone is expected to be an active team member. You can do this by just sailing but the opportunity to plan and skipper passages is available. Expert tuition is also freely given by a YachtMaster Instructor with more than 100,000 NM experience. This is fundamentally different from a delivery trip where a company or skipper is just taking a yacht from one place to another, these may give you miles but not the same experience or opportunity to develop skills. We have been running Mile building courses for 15 years and we with the exception of Rockall and Rona have sailed all round the outside of the UK. Picture is actually from Bermuda after a race from Antigua, we won’t be going that far this summer.

I’d rather be sailing

Pic actually from Caribbean but you can have a go on one foot on Wild Spirit in the Channel when we start again

I used to send out mailshots every other month in the summer with the title ‘I’d rather be sailing’ but with data protection I have stopped and don’t even keep mailout data bases. Over the last couple of ‘Lock Down’ weeks I have had a few enquiries about sailing as soon as possible. July is the month in which some of these enquirers think restrictions will be lifted enough to permit us to start again. I had thought August but at least 3 of those asking know rather more about how things are developing than I do. Our first Milebuilder sailing trip is scheduled to start on 2nd August and the Isles of Scilly are the preferred destination. If we are able to start before then we can respond quickly with a mile building sailing trip or 3 out of Plymouth. If you are interested in joining for a milebuilder sail at fairly short notice then please do drop me an e-mail and I will contact you as things become clearer.

All Blown Up

Wild Spirit Lifejackets in pic all blown up and seven CO2 Cylinders to change. We take our safety requirements seriously and 5 of our Lifejackets are fitted with personal AIS locators as well (as is Paul’s). These are the 5 we use on Milebuilder trips when we have a maximum of 6 on board. For our first Milebuilder due to start 2nd August we will probably only have 4 on board as we head out for some mile building sailing to the Isles of Scilly. Possibly a couple of Qualifying Passages for RYA YachtMaster and if you are capable the opportunity to skipper one or 2.