Nab Tower and back

Saturday 6th April sees our first race of the season out to Nab Tower which is East of the IOW. It is a JOG (Junior Offshore Group) race so always a fun event with good social scene as well but some really experienced opposition.

Our first big Mile Builder sailing trip is in May. Mile building sailing towards RYA qualifications such as YachtMaster is often confused with getting miles on delivery trips. We give all team membewrs the chance to be actively involved in the various aspects of planning and sailing the legs that make up the complete trip. This is so much different from a delivery where you may just listen to an engine for 2 days as you chug along under autohelm with the excitement of making a cup of tea from time to time.

Paul Away

Pic of pigeon that caught a ride with us on a cross channel.

Paul is away from 7th to 17th March but we won’t need a carrier pigeon as e-mails will reach us every day. All the RYA Milebuilders and mile building sailing courses will be running as per web site and these will include cross channel trips whether we Brexit or not.

Easter Rising

Pic of previous Fastnet team after race to Cherbourg

Our first big race is at Easter when we have the JOG Cowes to Cherbourg and return race. last year this was a very cold and often windless race with a high retirement rate. This year it is a morning start so we should be in before it has been dark for long. People often ask how long a race will take, it is hard to say, we have done the 75NM race to Cherbourg in under 12 hours but on one occaision we took almost 26 and crossed the finish line backwards on a slight tide and no wind.

It is a Fastnet year but we will still have several Milebuiders across to France, the Channel Islands and out to the Scillies. These RYA Milebuilding sailing courses are great for those working towards YachtMaster qualifications or those just wanting to build experience.

Caribbean 600 result

A bit of breeze normaly suits us on Juno a Farr 65 better than many other boats and this year was no exception so our start and run up the east coast of Antigua saw us near the front of the class. After this problems with 2 battens in our brand new North Sails 3Di started to occur and we had to reef to reduce further damage. The last 75 NM saw us on just a No3 Jib beating into a full Atlantic swell. We didn’t come last and we did finish and didn’t have the embarrassment of being berthed alongside with ambitious advertising claims like the one in these 2 pictures

Finish of Caribbean 600

Assuming all goes well, we should be finishing the Caribbean 600 race about now so a picture from a previous race as we near the end. After the caribbean our UK season really gets going with RYA courses, mile building sailing and Milebuilder trips including cross channel.

Racing in the Sunshine

Paul is working in Caribbean skippering Spirit of Juno a Farr 65 in the caribbean 600.

Shows Juno powered up and you can see how they are doing via

Bit of a change from our RYA courses and Milebuilder sailing, but it’s a tough job and someone has to do it.

West Country Milebuilder

Pic of Plymouth as we arrived at the end of a Milebuilding sailing trip from Dublin in 2018 We have a Milebuilder out fo Plymouth in August this year. As ever with sailing things are weather depndent but we have enough time to go out to the Isles of Scilly and if things look go that is the most likely destination. Other RYA Mile building trips include France and the Channel Islands

RYA Milebuilders Summer 2019

For summer 2019 we will offer several Milebuilder trips, these are also called RYA Mile Building. These are rather different from the Delivery trips which some offer, sold as ‘mile builders’.

Pic of us in Fair Isle on a previous trip. That was part of a great Mile builder all the way round Britian and Ireland and then back to Lymington so definitely not a ‘Delivery’. Our RYA Mile building sailing trips last 5 or more days and visit several ports. They are likely to include at least one night sail and you will be involved in all aspects of sailing Wild Spirit if you wish. Some people focus on areas for development such as practical navigation skills and passage planning and, accepting the need to sail safely, one to one coaching is given. For the number of days on one of our Mile Builders you won’t sail as many miles as a delivery but you will gain much more knowledge. You can also build miles and experience by just sailing on one of our RYA courses. If you wish you can just sail, but if you want, we will also involve you in Navigation, Passage planning etc in order to keep developing your skills.

Fastnet place

We have lost a team member due to work related issues so we have one place available in the Team. More info on the racing page but basically training plus 11 or so races and the Fastnet. Experience is not critical but attitude and working as part of a team is.

This is not part of our RYA Milebuilder programme but you will do over a 1000 miles building a lot of experience along the way.

pic of Mel off the Fastnet in previous race.