Starting Racing

Picture is from Caribbean 600 and shows the best of both Worlds, we are doing 12 kts in low 20s C and trade winds. But it isn’t always like that and the last thing a racing team needs are passengers. But here is the problem, you have completed a RYA course or 2 and perhaps a milebuilder trip with night sailing. You think you might like racing but you aren’t sure and don’t want to let others down. Its the last bit that matters, racing is very much a team game and you all need each other. A good start is a cross channel or coastal race of at least 30NM, if it doesn’t suit you it isn’t the end of the world and as long as you haven’t ‘bigged yourself up’ the rest of the team will understand.

Volvo Round Ireland Race

Longer and more serious than the Fastnet plus great fun, in many peoples view the best offshore race in the World.

You can follow Wild Spirit sprogress after the start on 30th June via the link on and yellow brick tracker. We will do our best to beat our old friends Irish Offshore sailing again. Pictured in 2014 race.

After the race we finish in Wicklow then have a mile builder sailing trip back to Troon. This is the bargain of all the RYA mile building, we start Wicklow and finish in Troon, both are easy for Dublin and Glasgow airports respectively.

The square spinnaker

Andy, first mate for the Volvo Round Ireland team was one of them. That is the group that ended up at a fisherman’s party in Wicklow the night before the race. Drink had been taken! The next day a bit the worse for it we started well and then needed to hoist a spinnaker. The foredeck committee consisted of 4 as we hadn’t gone into the watch system yet and they sat in front of the mast debating vociferously. Soon the reason became apparent, one didn’t have a corner. After having been gently re-assured by the skipper that spinnakers really only did have 3 corners it was eventually hoisted. Whilst we do have the odd tipple ashore, we never drink and sail, so please do bear this in mind when signing up for RYA mile builders or mile building sailing trips with us.

3 Peaks Yacht Race success

Success in the 3 Peaks yacht race finishing first on the water, winning on IRC and Shelf plus Jon, in picture, taking King of the Mountains. Thank you to all well wishers and Judith as ‘support team’ Race date is 15th June next year. Amazing race with only yards between us and the Irish team at the finish after 400miles. Volvo Ropund Ireland next then more RYA mile building sailing with a mile builder out to St Kilda before returning from Scotland.

And they called him…

In August we start back south from Scotland with our three Irish Rover RYA mile builders, the first leg will have several nights in port and it is just possible the skipper may be seen singing. The second mile building sailing leg has the ‘big crossing’and we may pop into the Isles of Scilly if conditions are right. There will be at least one night sail on this leg.

The third from Plymouth up to Lymington might go by way of Alderney or Cherbourg in which case we will definetly have at least one good meal out.

Ready, Steady, Go….

3 Peaks yacht race starts 1700 Saturday 9th June and you can follow our progress via and yellow brick link. Don’t worry if we seem to be doing 34kts through a Foresty Plantation the runners have to take the tracker with them up the Mountains.

After the race we have a mile building RYA course back to Troon plus more mile builder sailing trips later in the summer.

On the defence

On the 2nd June we have a RYA milebuilder trip down from Troon in Scotland to Barmouth ready for the 3 Peaks Yacht race . The trip down has been full for some time but still a couple of spaces left on the Mile building trip from Corpach (Fort William) back to Troon starting 15th June.

Picture taken 2nd week in June shows Jura which we will sail past in the race and the return trip.

Milebuilding sailing and fish

This is from the blog of a previous Round Briatin and Ireland RYA milebuilder sailing and was the first of several episodes of spontaneous fish giving.

People giving you fish are a bit like busses, the first gave us some Pollack and we gave him bags to carry the rest, the second gave us Cod, Mackerel and one Cod like fish. Fortunately assistance with consuming the fish arrived in the shape of Anthony who at the age of 79 was sailing his Westerly Centaur solo around Britain. I gathered this is without the aid of GPS, and whilst we did have one example of a small grounding he had made it through the Pentland Firth intact. He is moored behind us and we havenn’t seen him up yet which may be due to my attempt to recreate the parable of the loaves and fishes but using wine instead of bread. Fresh Mackerel for breakfast.

Caribbean 600 Race February 2019

We have just agreed the Caribbean 600 programme on Juno for next year. After our Scottish Mile builder sailing and RYA mile building courses out to St Kilda it will make a big change to be sailing 40 degrees further south but mid 20s in February and trade winds make a compelling case for this increasingly popular race. Details of the C600 on Spirit of Juno a classic Farr 65 on our main programme page.