Well done Mark

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help, instruction and guidance over the past few years ….in the sailing world. I’ve just passed the YM Offshore examination last week …. hurray! All the tips and tricks you have showed us during the races and YM preparation were invaluable!

Well done Mark Eori superfast serving tennis player and YachtMaster.

8 day RYA course with Channel crossing

In spring and summer 2019 we have some RYA courses which last 8 or more days. You can do RYA Competent Crew on these and we can do either Day Skipper or Coastal Skipper as well but not both as whilst Comp crew can go with either Day and Coastal skipper just don’t fit together. First person to sign up for either day Skipper or Coastal determines which one we run. These are at least 8 days and go over 2 weekends so 5 days off work. Depending on the team plus weather as well as building miles these trips will go to France or the Channel Islands and the August one to the Isles of Scilly. All are good for those heading for YachtMaster and who want Milebuilders with an experienced RYA YachtMaster Instructor.

Dyform Re-rig completed

Pic of Mast going back on. We have gone for Dyform/Dyneema re-rig to marginally decrease weight whilst still having at least as much strength as the cheaper Stainlesss wire. The amount of stretch is also significantly reduced. This is driven by racing requirements but it does mean that we are just a bit quicker on RYA courses and Milebuilder sailing. Combined with a furling prop and decent sails, we are at least half a knot faster than most Jeanneau 40s. Might not sound much but we often average 7 kts across the channel on a RYA mile building trip to France which puts us there an hour ahead of average Jeanneau 40 and even more than most sea school yachts. We like to have Dinner in one of the restaurants that I have identified by years of selfless research and this extra speed can make the difference between getting a table or not.

Isles of Scilly Milebuilder

In August 2019 we have a trip out to the Isles of Scilly. This RYA milebuilder is now on the site as are details of the other Mile building cruises we have which include Channel Ilsands and France. These trips include Qualifying Passages for those working towards YachtMaster exams.

Milebuilder with a difference!

This weekend we take Watchet Sea Scouts sailing for 3 days as part of our Charity effort so a little background…

Just down the coast from Watchet is Porlock and the picture is of the Lynmouth lifeboat which was once launched from there after being dragged over Exmoor…Account below.

Lifeboat leaving Lynmouth”Post Office had a telephone message from Porlock saying that there was a ship in distress, blowing a gale. Maroons set up to call the crew down to the lifeboat house. It was impossible to launch the lifeboat. Dad, Jack Crowcombe and Mr. Peter went back to the PO to decide what to do. Decided to take the lifeboat over to Porlock. People had gathered outside the PO from curiosity; they thought it was foolish to launch from Porlock.

A fellow was sent to Lynton for 18 horses, quite an industry up there, and they were tied up to the lifeboat. All the women and kids and men hauled the boat up Countisbury Hill; stopped for refreshments at the Blue Ball Pub at the top of the hill. Women were told to go home and the few men left carried on. Had to break down hedges to get the carriage through. Took 7 foot wide skids with them, pulled the lifeboat over the top of those. Terrible job getting down Porlock Hill.

Took part of a woman’s garden wall down; still dark but when she realised it was a lifeboat, she helped them down to Porlock Weir. There they launched the lifeboat. Towed the carriage back to Lynmouth. Went alongside the Forest Hall schooner. Got aboard and helped the crew and landed up in Barry for the night. Sailed back next day; a steamer leaving Barry harbour gave them a tow back to Lynmouth. No lives lost. Uncle Bill Richards was the youngest member, 15 years old. 13 in the crew.”

More RYA courses and Milebuilders

The website now has the RYA Courses and Milebuilders on up to September and we have trips to France, the Channel islands and Isles of Scilly. On the Mile Building trips you can do RYA Competent Crew and on the longer ones it may be possible for one person to do Day Skipper as well. We have a few people getting ready for Yachtmaster and can put on a weekend or 2 to get you ready so give Paul a call if you are interested.

Pic of Nic and Candy on trip from Dublin to Plymouth.

Fastnet team Full

Picture, which my wife (and solicitor to whom I am very happily married), finds amusing taken outside of Titanic Hotel in Berlin.

The Fastnet team is now full for 2019. We will however have a space or 2 on most races due too the tyranny of work, weddings etc. We will also have several Milebuilders and RYA mile building courses for those heading towards Yachtmaster. The longest will be after the finish of the Fastnet and we will probably head out to the Scillies.

Plymouth RYA Milebuilder

Photo from succesful RYA course in October

Leave Lymington Tuesday afternoon 30th October and sail to Plymouth with one or possibly 2 nights there before sailing back, possibly with a stop at Brixham or Weymouth.Back in Lymington Sunday evening or if delayed early Monday morning.

Good for those heading for RYA Yachtmaster or wanting to do some mile building sailing. Not for novices. 240 miles and at least 2 qualifying passages for Yachtmaster.

This is weather dependent, if it doesn’t look at all good we will just sail locally and finish in Lymington for Sunday mid-day. Cost of £145 reflects this uncertainty but still includes all on board food fuel and marinas.

New RYA Muilebuilder sailing trip

Dolphins off Tasman Island during the Sydney to Hobart

A mile builder with a chance to see some Dolphins. We sail from Lymington overnight and are scheduled for one or possibly 2 nights in plymouth before sailing back again probably with a stop in Weymouth. Great for mile building towards Yachtmaster with at least 2 Qualifying passages.