3 Peaks Yacht Race Entered

Wild Spirit is now entered in the 3 Peaks Yacht Race and a postdrad student at Sheffield Uni is building a pedal powered system as an alternative to the rowing you are allowed to do in this race when becalmed. Hopefully the system will be a little sleker and more compact then the photo. After the 3 Peaks race we have a Mile Builder trip from Corpach (Fort William) back to Troon then we have some RYA Milebuilding sailing in Scotland and the Hebirdes with trips including St Kilda.

CCC Guides

Clyde Cruising Club guides are really useful when sailing on the West of Scotland and the CCC has been publishing them since 1909. We have just bought some in preparation for our Mile Building trips out of Troon. We have also added a new RYA mile Builder from Corpach to Troon and this is a great value trip which will take in at least one serious tidal challenge.

Photo of us off Scotland in 2014

Irish Rover Mile Building sailing

After the Scottish and Hebrides mile building sailing we have a trip back down the Irish sea with several stops. This Mile Builder is good for those doing RYA YachtMaster.

One port we may visit is Wicklow (pictured) and we may well call in to Peel on the Isle of Man as well.

St Kilda Mile Builder Booking

First booking has just arrived for the RYA Milebuilder out to St Kilda. The person booking is a regular with us who has already sailed round the World. As well as Mile Building we will stop off at several islands such as Harris and picture is of Poll Scrot one of our favourite little ports.

New Scottish Sailing Mile Builder

We won’t be going as far as this, and for anyone who can identify this island i will take £50 off any trip if they book before 1st April, but we will have a Mile building sailing trip from Corpach Staion (next to Fort William and easy by train) to Troon (also easy by train and via Glasgow airport). Trip starts 14th June and finishes 20th and is great for those working towards RYA Yachtmaster qualifications or who want a week’s adventurous sailing.

Xmas Sail

Andy skippered Wild Spirit for the Xmas sail which was in aid of Knoticat a Poole based charity. Picture shows the merry team off the Needles on 28th December. Our next cruise will be rather warmer, the Caribbean in February and then later we have RYA Mile Building trips in SW Scotland, Ireland and the Hebrides.

Sales and sails

I guess enforced annual leave has led to more time thinking about holidays and sailing. The number of enquiries has gone up since Xmas and the first 2 RYA Mile Bbuilders plus the Volvo Round Ireland team is full. The Dublin to troon Mile Building sail has one place left as does the Troon to Barmouth one and there is space on the Hebrides and St Kilda ones. the picture is Skye and a Loch we have anchored in before and woken up surrounded by seals.

Curling Stones and Gannets

One Island we will see during our Mile Building trips to the Hebrides and RYA courses out of Troon is Ailsa Craig. A Volcanic Plug it has some incredibly hard ‘Blue Hone’ Granite from which the majority of all Curling Stones are produced.

Also known as Paddy’s Milestone it is home to many Gannets and Puffins. On the market for £1.5M we might stop by as it is close to Troon where we will be absed for summer 2018, but I doubt I will put in a bid!

Volcanoes, Rum, Sun and Snorkelling

Leaving from Falmouth harbour in Antigua late morning Sunday 4th February, Spirit of Juno a Farr 65 skippered by Paul will sail to Montserrat with its active Volcano, we will probably overnight at Port Little Bay or Belham Valley and conditions permitting we will sail south then go ashore and see the aftermath of the eruption that turned the small town of Plymouth into a modern day Pompeii. Then we will either further night at Belham Valley with a morning sail south towards Guadeloupe or an overnight run down towards Les Saintes where ‘Death in Paradise’ was filmed. It all depends on time and conditions (though typically we have warm easterly trade winds) In Guadeloupe we visit several ports and Bays on the sheltered west of the Island which is officially part of France and uses Euros. We return to Falmouth Harbour Antigua on Sunday 11th possibly after an overnight sail. Not too many miles but opportunities to visit unique places and have a great week of sunshine and warm seas in February.