Full Programme

Full Programme

2018 will see us continuing to run top quality courses and mile building trips with no hidden extras, but in April Wild Spirit will be sailing round to Troon in SW Scotland so we can explore the Hebrides including a trip out to St Kilda. We continue to operate RYA courses as part of Lymington Yacht Charters Sea School a well established RYA training centre.

As well as the 3 Peaks Yacht Race we have the Volvo Round Ireland and afew other races but less than in 2017. We have some great mile builders heading out to St Kilda and then 3 legs back to lymington in September (the sea is at its warmest about 21st September) for those heading towards yachtmaster or just wanting to sail and we can put on YM Prep plus exam later in the year. For 2019 we also have the Caribbean 600 on a Farr 65.

ID Join Likely Finish Event Price Spaces  
WS338 13 Feb
23 Feb
CARIBBEAN 600 2019 £1750 0 Email Wild Spirit

We are back, of course we would be, it is one of our favourite races.
A classic warm water race round beautiful islands in trade winds, well normally yes, but last year, like half the fleet, we had to retire due damage from sustained winds of over 40 kts. For us it was a badly ripped mainsail, others fared worse with one Catamaran capsized. One thing which the 2018 gales proved is that when the going gets rough a Farr 65 that has raced round the World and across the Southern Ocean is a good boat to be on.
For 2019 we will have brand new, stronger sails. All 4 Official Crew have considerable experience, both on Juno and other yachts. We are seeking team members to join us on Team Juno. We provide 4 days of training before the race and if you wish you can also sleep on board, which both saves the cost of accommodation plus increases familiarity with the layout. It is great if you are already an accomplished racing sailor, but you don’t need experience if you are a committed team member.
The Skipper will again be Paul Jackson back for his 6th C600. With over 100,000 NM this Ocean YachtMaster and YachtMaster Instructor plus RYA Offshore Safety Instructor has 25,000Nm of serious racing experience including having won Division in the Sydney Hobart twice, winning 3 Peaks Yacht Race and line Honours for the Lord Howe Island Race.
The First Mate will be Arran Chapman who skippered Juno for the Regattas in 2018 with considerable success including winning their Class in Antigua Sailing Week. He will be skipper for the Caribbean regattas again for next season and as well as a great sailor has good engineering skills plus a thorough knowledge of Juno. Fit and agile he will take a lead role in foredeck training and will lead one watch.
Karoline George returns as Second Mate and brings with her a wealth of experience including Fastnets, Sydney Hobarts plus C600s. Karoline was with Paul when they were knocked down in over 60 knots in a Sydney Hobart damaging the rig, despite losing 7 hours for repairs they still finished 5th out of 16 in their Division. She will lead on training for pit work plus lead the other watch.
Navigator will be Mike Honner who races his own yacht in the US and has raced both C600s plus Antigua to Bermuda on Juno. He is Navigator for Paul’s Volvo Round Ireland Team and has proved a great team member when the going gets tough.

Six of the 2017 team are already expressing interest in returning for the race. Training starts 1000 13th February and race starts Monday 18th. Originally built and MCA Coded to carry 19 to race round the World we run with a maximum of 16. Spirit of Juno has 15 good sea going berths plus others used for storage. We will run on 2 watches and, once again, aim to beat the Volvo 60s both on IRC and through the water.
The package–Accom on board from Sunday afternoon 10th Feb to Sunday morning 24th.
Training starts 1000 13th Feb. and concludes in time for the first big sponsored party on Saturday evening 16th. Race starts 18th and we normally get back in by late Thursday with sponsored prize giving party Friday evening 22nd. Cost–£1750 up to 1st December includes food during training and race, team shirts accom on board for those who want it.
WHAGS–Vic, Karoline’s husband will be back and is our social anchor-man. I anticipate that my wife, Judith, will be there for much of the time and 2 others are interested already.

WS344 1 Mar
3 Mar
Fastnet, first training weekend £225 0 Email Wild Spirit

first training weekend.

more details of campaign soon but looks like 7 in team as of 24th August 2018

pic from previous Fastnet.

Full campaign of up to 11 races plus training weekends is £2850
We are after committed team members only

2019 Fastnet team full but a space or 2 on races/ training weekends

WS347 29 Mar
3 Apr
RYA Comp Crew/ Day Skipper £325 0 Email Wild Spirit

Join Friday evening for a good meal on board at 2000 and finish Wednesday afternoon so only 3 days leave needed.

Yes it can be cold, but we have heating on board and will be in Marinas with hot showers every night.

A couple of Dinners out but everything else is included, food, fees, marinas, fuel, use of Oilies and Logbooks for Comp Crew.

WS348 5 Apr
7 Apr
JOG race weekend £225 1 Email Wild Spirit

Our first race weekend. Meet Friday evening, race Saturday and train Sunday.
JOG so a a good social event after the race.

Several of Fastnet team on board so we can take a Novice or 2.

WS349 9 Apr
14 Apr
RYA Comp Crew/ Day Skipper £425 2 Email Wild Spirit

Join Tuesday evening for a good meal on board at 2000 and finish Sunday afternoon so only 3 days leave needed.

A couple of Dinners out but everything else is included, food, fees, marinas, fuel, use of Oilies and Logbooks for Comp Crew.

2 Comp Crew and one Day Skipper booked at 5/2/19

WS350 18 Apr
19 Apr
Easter races to Cherbourg and back £325 1 Email Wild Spirit

Most of Fastnet team will be on board so we can take a couple of novices for what is often a great race weekend.

Note meet is Thursday evening as race starts 0700 Friday morning. Allow for a good meal out in Cherbourg, after years of selfless research I know where to go.

WS367 26 Apr
1 May
RYA Competent Crew and Day Skipper £425 5 Email Wild Spirit

RYA course from Friday evening to Wednesday afternoon.
Comp Crew assumes no prior knowledge
Day skipper at least 5 days sailing, Theory plus 4 night hours.
Not sure which one? Call Paul 01823 433813 to discuss.
No hidden extras and much better food then most.
We will probably eat dinner ashore once or twice, team choice, there will be food on board instead if you wish.

If you wish you can just come and build some miles plus experience.

WS351 3 May
6 May
Race to Le Havre £295 1 Email Wild Spirit

Not Wild Spirit in pic–we have just had the standing rigging re-newed

Fastnet qualifier race to Le Havre over BH weekend.
We will have one or 2 places available for non-Fastnet team members.

WS356 11 May
18 May
Milebuilder with cross channel–8 days £575 4 Email Wild Spirit

Cross Channel Milebuilder.
We have gone for Saturday to Saturday for those who have a way to travel.

Expect a couple of good meals ashore, as after years of selfless research we know where to go.

With many Years of Channel, Solent and 3 Peaks racing, extensive cruising and RYA Instructing, Geoff West (on right in Photo), has a wealth of experience to pass on.
Based in Cowes on the Isle of Wight, he knows the Solent and English Channel very well and is keen to share his tide and weather strategies on a longer cruise.

Probably 5 or more night hours and at least 2 qualifying passages for YacthMaster.

A bit more expensive than a 5 day course as it takes out 2 weekends. includes all on board food etc.
one booked at 5th January

WS366 24 May
24 May
ISAF Course–for Fastnet etc £120 0 Email Wild Spirit

The offshore safety course for races such as Fastnet or Sydney to Hobart pic-(spot my bald spot)

A mix of theory and practical plus 2 short exams leads to Certificate which in conjunction with RYA Sea Survival is requirement for Cat 0, 1 and 2 races.

Note 0900 sharp start but you can probably o/n on board before course. finish is 1630 so you can get to your team yacht in time for the Eddystone race the next day.

Small amount of pre-course reading will be e-mailed–max half an hour.

WS352 24 May
27 May
Eddystone Race £295 1 Email Wild Spirit

Eddystone race—probably join Friday evening but this is sometimes a slow race so allow for finish as late as Tuesday morning

If we get to this one we have gone too far—Mel on previous Fastnet.

2019 Fastnet team full but a space or 2 on races/ training weekends

WS353 7 Jun
9 Jun
Morgan Cup Race £250 1 Email Wild Spirit

Morgan Cup in Channel, a Fastnet qualifier typically round marks and over 100NM

Couple of places available.

WS358 21 Jun
23 Jun
RORC Dieppe race £275 2 Email Wild Spirit

Wild Spirit under Spinnaker in round ireland race

Race to Dieppe.
Start is 1900 so need to be in Lymington by 1530 Friday.

A couple of spare places due to work etc.

WS359 27 Jun
30 Jun
Round the Island Race £395 1 Email Wild Spirit

Special offer –One space available due to work, convenient if you happen to be female for cabin share–book by 8th February and save £95

The Famous Round the Island Race . With up to 1800 yachts it is a great specatacle and everyone sailor should do it at least once, even if they aren’t really into racing.
Meet Thursday evening , train Friday (several members of fastnet and 3 peaks yacht Race teams on board) race Saturday.

We eat out Lymington Thursday evening, Friday evening we are in Cowes and i have booked a table at Mojacs. Saturday we are booked into Cowes after the race but as we may be late in I haven’t booked anything.

Depart Lymington Sunday afternoon.

WS360 11 Jul
15 Jul
St Malo Race or cruise £250 2 Email Wild Spirit

We will either race to St Malo if we still need the qualifying miles for the Fastnet or if we don’t (which is more likely) then we cruise.

If we just cruise/ train and dates will be Friday evening till Sunday afternoon. The price of £250 reflects this uncertainty.

WS361 20 Jul
27 Jul
RYA Milebuilder to France and Channel Islands £595 5 Email Wild Spirit

Meet for 1330 Saturday at Lymington and catch the afternoon tide. Itinerary will depend on crew plus weather but Channel Islands and France most likely. At least 2 qualifying Pasages for Yachtmaster and a few meals out.
You can do Competent Crew on this trip and it is good for those wanting to build miles, experience and confidence.
Passport is essential.

WS362 2 Aug
11 Aug
Fastnet £3250 1 Email Wild Spirit

The famous fastnet race and team was full at 20/10/19 but we pressures of work and finance mean we now have a place.

The races and training are set out on this page but basically Training weekend, 12 races or training and the Fastnet, cruise, extra use of Wild spirit and a re-union weekend may well be included making as much sailing as most partners will tolerate.

WS363 14 Aug
24 Aug
Milebuilder/ cruise to the Scillies £575 5 Email Wild Spirit

Meet Plymouth Wednesday evening ready to catch tide Thursday morning and head west.
Itinerary is weather plus team dependent but the Isles of Scilly are top of the list.
We finish Lymington and the price reflects this plus it is after the Fastnet but we have several days for any repairs. In the, most unlikely, event of this trip being cancelled we will refund cost in full, but travel is down to you. In 12 years of doing trips after the Fastnet, Round Ireland and 3 Peaks Yacht race we haven’t had to cancel a single one.

You can do Competent Crew on this one and it is good for building miles plus experience.
it is quite possible we will also visit Channel Islands and posibly france so a Passport is needed.

WS364 20 Sep
20 Sep
Race to Cherbourg £245 4 Email Wild Spirit

Overnight race to Cherbourg with the JOG fleet.
Normally a good race with great social do.

Some of Fastnet team will be on board and this is a qualifying race for the Volvo Round Ireland in 2020.

Note start is 1815 and we will have to go up against tide so need to slip Lymington by 1530 latest.

WS365 27 Sep
29 Sep
JOG Race weekend £225 4 Email Wild Spirit

Our last JOG race of the season.
Meet Friday evening for Dinner on board, Race Saturday and then the social event for which JOG is renown folowed by race on Sunday and back to Lymington Sunday afternoon.

Some of Fastnet team on board so we can take a few novices.