Full Programme

Full Programme

2018 will see us continuing to run top quality courses and mile building trips with no hidden extras, but in April Wild Spirit will be sailing round to Troon in SW Scotland so we can explore the Hebrides including a trip out to St Kilda. We continue to operate RYA courses as part of Lymington Yacht Charters Sea School a well established RYA training centre.

As well as the 3 Peaks Yacht Race we have the Volvo Round Ireland and afew other races but less than in 2017. We also have the Caribbean 600 on a Farr 65 plus a wek long cruise in the caribbean in early February.

ID Join Likely Finish Event Price Spaces  
WS311 26 Dec
28 Dec
Christmas Sail £125 5 Email Wild Spirit

For the last 7 years Paul has raced in the Sydney to Hobart starting Boxing Day.
He has skippered or helmed teams winning Class, Division and first Tasmanian boat home, but this year he is staying in the UK.

With enforced Annual Leave it is a good opportunity to do something constructive and possibly avoid certain relatives.
Several regulars are interested and this will be a fun sail with a good relaxed night out.
Not a formal RYA course but useful experience and good if you are considering a Scottish Milebuilder trip next year and want to try us out.

We have diesel and electric heating and we will be in a Marina every night so plenty of hot showers etc.

WS325 4 Feb
11 Feb
Caribbean explorer £525 6 Email Wild Spirit

Hasn’t the Caribbean been flattened by Hurricanes?
Well bits have been and we may visit a couple of islands that are in recovery phase and desperately need some tourist income.
But we start in Grenada and finish in Antigua which are largely unaffected.
Covering about 350 miles in a week and including at least one night sail,
our main island to visit will be hurricane affected Dominica and see its unusaul volcanic activity. We are likely to call in at least one other island, posibly Les Saintes where ‘Death in Paradise’ is filmed.

As long as you travel on the same airline (Virgin or BA) flights are the same as a normal return and we can direct you to a good deal.

WS326 13 Feb
23 Feb
Caribbean 600 £1750 10 Email Wild Spirit

Same successful format as last 3 years.
Join by evening of Tuesday 13th Feb and train Weds to Saturday. Big party so Sunday off with start on Monday and we should be finished comfortably in time for party on Friday 23rd

Cost is £1750 which includes accom on board alongside in Antigua YC Marina close to all the social action. class=

WS321 2 Mar
4 Mar
Race Training weekend £100 5 Email Wild Spirit

Race training weekend.

Included in Volvo Round Ireland Package but places also available to others.

WS312 23 Mar
28 Mar
RYA Course £425 2 Email Wild Spirit

RYA course–you can do either Comp Crew–no experience required or if you have the experience and knowledge Day Skipper, just ask if you need advice

Our standard format and popular RYA course with good food, great tuition and no hidden extras.

3 booked including one who did Comp Crew at 27/10/17

WS314 29 Mar
2 Apr
Easter Cherbourg Races £195 3 Email Wild Spirit

First 2 races of the season and they are JOG ones so good social do as well.
We finished 3rd in Class in the last Cherbourg race of 2017. race there, relax and good meal out then race back.

Cost is £195 or included in Volvo Round Ireland Race package.
If you want to try us out come and do these 2 races and if you sign up for the Volvo Round Ireland we credit you with £195.

NB Thursday evening meet for early Friday start.

WS313 6 Apr
11 Apr
RYA Course £425 5 Email Wild Spirit

RYA course–you can do either Comp Crew–no experience required or if you have the experience and knowledge Day Skipper, just ask if you need advice

Our standard format and popular RYA course with good food, great tuition and no hidden extras.

2 bookings via recommendation at 27/10/17

WS315 15 Apr
20 Apr
Mile Builder Lymington to Falmouth £275 3 Email Wild Spirit

Lymington to Falmouth with several stops.
Good for working towards yachtmaster qualifications and obtaining Qualifying passages.

It is possible to do RYA Competent Crew on this trip but you would need to be adventurous or have done some sailing already–add £25 for Certs and Logbook.
By the time we have popped into various harbours we should log at least 180NM. It is also possible we will go via the Channel Islands if wind is favourable.

Cost includes all on board food, fuel, fees, marinas etc. No hidden extras.

Falmouth has train service to London. One way hire cars also possible.
2 confirmed at 28/10/17

WS316 22 Apr
28 Apr
Falmouth to Dublin–Milebuilder £295 3 Email Wild Spirit

Join Falmouth Sunday evening for the trip round to Dublin. We will call in to a few ports but there is one long leg with an overnight sail.
A great Milebuilder for those working towards Yachtmaster or wanting to build their experience and miles. You will be actively involved and there are Qualifying Passages for YM.
We will probably finish in Dun Laoghaire or Greystones which have easy connections with Dublin Airport.

Cost includes all on board food, fuel, fees, marinas etc. No hidden extras.

2 confirmed at 28/10/17

WS317 1 May
6 May
Dublin to Troon Milebuilder £345 2 Email Wild Spirit

Join in Dublin (Dun Laoghaire or Greystones with easy links to Airport)
Several stops as we head north towards either the Isle of Man or Rathlin Island and or Arran and then Troon with easy links to Glasgow airport.

Good Milebuilder and for those progressing towards Yachtmaster, normally fairly benign conditions though in May the normal SW prevailing wind may change to NE.

Splendid scenery and hospitality with stops at a few places.

Cost includes all on board food, fuel, fees, marinas etc. No hidden extras.

4 booked at 1/11/17

WS318 11 May
19 May
Scottish Explorer £645 5 Email Wild Spirit

Join either Friday evening or early Saturday morning for a full week of sailing out of Troon Yacht Haven (easy from Glasgow airport)

Where we go depends on the crew, experience and weather. This is a trip for keen sailors with the opportunity to build skills, develop navigation experience and see beautiful scenery.
There may be some night sailing but unlikely to be more than one overnight trip and there will be time ashore plus a few meals out (extra cost).

Wild Spirit at anchor off Taransay in Hebrides.

Cost includes all on board food, fuel, fees, marinas etc–We don’t do hidden extras.

WS319 2 Jun
8 Jun
Troon to Barmouth £395 3 Email Wild Spirit

Trip from Troon to Barmouth via Menai Straits.

Meet Saturday evening for Sunday departure. We will sail south taking in a few stops such as Portpatrick, Peel and Conway.
The 3 Peaks Yacht race sailors will be on board and practising so you may learn quite a bit about changing sails and short handed sailing.
We will be in Barmouth by Friday lunch at latest, probably thursday evening.
Depart Wild Spirit Friday afternoon and train station is close to town centre or it may be possible for you to stay on board until Saturday morning and to see the start of the 3 Peaks yacht race.

Going North during 3 Peaks 2017 on way to some silverware.

Good for sailors with some experience and those going for Yachtmaster soon. We will go through the Swellies, over Caernarvon Bar and through Bardsey Sound so not for the faint hearted.

WS320 9 Jun
15 Jun
3 Peaks Yacht Race £950 0 Email Wild Spirit

That really is Paul in a DJ in the middle.

We have 2 exceptional runners and now have 3 experienced racing sailors so are full, but do let me know if you are interested in 2019.

Allow contribution of £950 to cover all costs including trip to Barmouth.

WS328 23 Jun
7 Jul
Volvo Round Ireland Race £1750 5 Email Wild Spirit

Volvo Round Ireland, simply the best offshore race in the World.

The welcome is legendary, the scenery superb and unlike so many of the 600 races it is a natural course, which is why it is just over 700 miles.

This will be our 4th Round Ireland and last time we finished 5th in class beating our friendly rivals Irish offshore sailing to be second in the Sea School Class.

Full Package
3rd 4th March—training weekend
Easter races to Cherbourg and return
23rd June Join Glasgow for training and trip to Wicklow
30th June Volvo Round Ireland Race starts Wicklow
5th or 6th July Finish and party to be sure!
7th July pm. Flights out of Dublin (easy from Wicklow, Greystones or Dun Laoghaire)
21st September JOG Cherbourg race
28thSeptember JOG Solent races.
Plus a place on one or more of the mile builder trips to and from Ireland at just £125 per leg

£1950 which is inclusive of food, fees, fuel marinas etc.

Short package—designed for those coming a long way.
Join Troon, close to Glasgow airport on evening of 23rd June and leave at Wicklow or Greystones or Dun Laoghaire on 7th July for afternoon or evening flight out of Dublin airport (easy by Bus or taxi).
£1750 includes all food, fuel, fees, marinas etc.

WS329 7 Jul
14 Jul
YachtMaster Exam plus Prep £525 5 Email Wild Spirit

Af ter the Volvo Round Ireland race we can spend a few days preparing for the YM exam and then take it on 11th and 12th July out of Wicklow or Dun Laoghaire–easy for Dublin airport.

After the exam we sail on to Troon for Glasgow airport. Numbers are limited on this one and there is the RYA (or ISA) exam fee on top for those taking exam. You are welcome to come and just sail plus develop your skills and see a YM exam.

WS324 15 Jul
27 Jul
Bareboat Charter £- 5 Email Wild Spirit

Wild Spirit available for cahrter either Bareboat or skippered during this period.
Call paul to discuss options.
Wild Spirit under Spinnaker in round ireland race[/caption]

Under Spinnaker in the Irish Sea.

WS322 28 Jul
11 Aug
St Kilda and Hebrides £1250 5 Email Wild Spirit

A full fortnight of sailing and depending on weather etc we will go out to St Kilda

Will may well visit Barra and Harris plus several other Islands

Picture of us in Rodel on Harris.

Great for the adventurous and thos working towards RYA qualifications, expect to be fully committed team members helping with all aspects of the voyage.
Potential Qualifying passages for those building for Yachtmaster qualifiactions.

WS323 12 Aug
26 Aug
Bareboat Charter £- 5 Email Wild Spirit

Wild Spirit available bareboat or skippered charter.

Alongside in Fair Isle.

Contact Paul to discuss options.

WS327 25 Aug
7 Sep
Irish Rover £675 5 Email Wild Spirit

A steady cruise with most overnights in port. Starts Troon (easy from Glasgow airport) and we will head down to Ireland and work down the coast, possibly including Rathlin Island plus Isle of Man. We may also take in the Isles of Scilly. Probably 2 or 3 nights of sailing and at least 500NM. Several Qualiying passages for Yachtmaster and possibly a Guinness or 2. Finishes Plymouth Yacht Haven for train to London etc.

Cost includes all on board food, fuel, marinas, fees etc but allow for a few meals ashore to be shore.