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Coronavirus policy

Corona Virus Policy Quite simply we will comply with all legislation and UK Government advice and we expect everyone planning to sail on Wild Spirit to do exactly the same.

How might this play out. 1) Government advise no travel to starting point of trip/race. We comply but this is ‘force majeure’ so no refund but a lot of travel insurances policies may pay out 2) We decide to cancel even though no government advice requiring such action. We pay refund of cost of trip 3) You decide to cancel even though no government advice requiring such action. We don’t give refund. 4) Lots of other scenarios but too complex to plan for.

On board Hygiene Under supervision of a Chartered Environmental Health Practitioner and Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health—Paul.

Cruising Reports

Sailors Grab Bags

Pic fro an Australian Boat–we don’t drink and sail, but once we have tied up…

We are now back from the Caribbean 600 and preparing for the UK season. Before the Mile builders we have a couple of races suitable for sailors who want to try racing. After a RYA course we then have our first Mile building sailing trip from Lymington to troon by way of Dublin, where we will be tied up

The Mile builder from Fort William up to the Orkneys is almost full but there is space on the other 2 trips and both of these will include a Qualifying Passage or 2 for budding YachtMasters, St Kilda is on the cards for the first Scottish Mile builder and we will certainly visit the outer Hebrides on this trip.

The third Mile building sailing trip from Kirkwall down to Troon is also likely to visit several hebridean islands and possibly Rathlin Island as well.

Cruising Reports

West Scotland Milebuilder sailing

Pic–Anchorage with rather good Restaurant in W. Scotland. I know where it is but don’t want to tell too many others

Our Mile builder sailing for 2020 will be in Scotland for several reasons including 1) The West Coast, Hebrides, Orkneys and Shetland offer some of the best cruising grounds in the World. You can find a secluded anchorage with Otters, Seals and Birds as your only company but sail somewhere and get provisions the next day. 2) The scenery is World Class and so is the local sea food. Paul loves cooking with fresh Fish, Scallops and Venison 3) For those progressing towards RYA YachtMaster there are a number of interesting Qualifying Passages available on this mile building trip. 4) We will go to Tobermory on Mull and out to the Hebrides, possibly even St Kilda on our way up to the Orkneys, we should have a couple of days cruising up there as well

Cruising Reports

The St Kilda question

Wild Spirit at anchor on a previous visit to St Kilda

The trip from Orkneys up round Shetland is almost full but the trip from Corpach (Fort William) up to Kirkwall via the Caledonian Canal isn’t and I have been talking to someone I know well who did it a couple of years ago. He found the number of Locks a bit trying. So I am considering running this milebuilder trip out to the West instead and possibly taking in St Kilda now the building works are finished. Hang on isn’t it unihabited? Well actually it has a NATO transmission station with associated power plant on it and it used to be a bit of an eyesore which is where the building works came in.

In terms of mile building sailing going west clearly adds more miles plus Qualifying Passages for YachtMaster and we can easily complete the trip taking in St Kilda from say Castle Bay and then back into Rodel or Poll Scrott. For those heading for YachtMaster it offers a great deal, though as we will be there in June not many night hours.

Tempting, anyone interested in going this way rather than via Caledonian Canal drop me an email

Sailing Report

Wild Spirit and Ornithology

After a Caribbean 600 Corey does hit bit.

The Caribbean 600 is only 3 weeks away and we are very much looking forward to it. We do take the racing seriously and we never drink and sail but after the race is another matter. After Corey had guarded this endagered species with its flashing eyes all night I returned it to its home. Our Mile building trips in Scotland are not as Wild but do expect a few good meals out as well as good food on board. Milebuilder sailing is suitable for most people with a sense of adventure and you should expect to be an active team member. If you have bits missing or medical issues we can probably still take you, our approach is about what you can acheive rather than just covering our backs.

Sailing Report

Barbados Rum Runners

Paul skippered Spirit of Juno a Farr 65 to win Class 1 in the Round Barbados race. Picture is team receiving a bootle of XO MountGay Rum each with Chester from MountGay on Left and Rose Commodore of barbados Cruising Club on the right.

Our Scottish milebuilders this summer are more likely to have Whisky than Rum. The mile building sailing courses are all 2 weeks long with changeovers at Kirkwall and Corpach, plus finish at Troon which is easy for Glasgow airport. The one from Kirkwall to Troon starting 26th July is particularly good for Qualifying Passages for YachtMaster

Sailing Report

Mile Building Sailing –Expectations

Pic is of Pierre working away at Navigation, which he was good at.

Our Milebuilder trips are good for developing towards YachtMaster and most people on board are keen to progress. Some may already have YachtMaster, others want Qualifying Passages to work towards it. No problem if you just want to be an active team member but don’t want to be a Navigator, Sail Trimmer or Helm and if you don’t have experience it isn’t an issue as long as you are a team player with a sense of adventure. Whether with us, or someone else, a Mile building trip is not a Cruise on a Liner, so please don’t sell it to your partner as such just because you want to do it. For those with less experience but still with a sense of adventure, the Corpach to Kirkwall trip is the shortest and as we go through the Caledonian Canal to start with, we will be on fairly flat water for 3 days by which time everyone should have got their sea legs.

Racing Reports

Caribbean 600–Repeat Offenders

Previous Caribbean 600

As well as our Milebuilders in UK we also work with others to provide sailing opportunities in the Caribbean and Australia. We have one place left in the team on Juno, a Farr 65, for this year’s Caribbean 600 and so far all but 3 of the team have raced with Paul before. We are a bit different from most companies as we offer a berth on board for the week before the race until the Saturday after the race and this can save a lot of Dollars. As ever our objectives are 1) Complete the race safely 2) Enjoy ourselves 3) Do as well as we can

Afetr the Caribbean it is back to the UK for a couple of races, a course and then the Mile building sailing up to Scotland.

Sailing Report

Barbados success

The 300 NM trip across from Antigua saw F8/9 which Juno coped with well. Some of the team did suffer a bit and all were grateful to arrive and clear immigration at Port St Charles. We then encountered the port authority bridge lifting arrangements which proved frustrating to say the least. A real pity as everyone else was so helpful and the locals very friendly. The first and second inshore races saw us take line honours and we won class one in the Round Barbados Race, which resulted in each team member receiving a bottle of rather good Rum plus another 3 litres between the 7 of us for instant drinking, possibly a picture of the hospitality is starting to emerge. It might have helped that we had the sponsors MountGay on board for the race but even without that influence the hospitality was awesome. Back to the UK now to sort out the Milebuilding courses in Scotland. These mile builders might include a distillery visit but won’t feature the consumption rate achieved in the Barbadian sunshine