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Here we are finishing Fastnet about 6 years ago. Race starts Saturday and you can follow us via

1 place left on the cruise out to the Isles of Scilly starting 14th August and one on the 7 day milebuilder starting Sunday 8th September.

Caribbean 600 in February now has just 6 places left on Juno a Farr 65.

Judith will be doing the admin in my absence and I hope to be home on 9th August.

Course Reports

Away to France

Course Reports

Summer is here

Pic from a summer Milebuilder sailing in 2018

Bookings and enquiries have leapt up with the continued sunshine. The July Mile building course is full and the August one is filling plus there are bookings for September.

Paul is around up to 19th July so if you want to ask questions do call us 01823 433813

Course Reports

New Cross Channel milebuilder with competent crew option

We have just added a new 7 day cross channel mile building sailing trip that you can also do competent crew on.

Starts Sunday evening 8th September finishes early afternoon on 15th so good for those who have a fair way to travel.

Cruising Reports

100 hours of thinking time

People often ask what the standard procedure is for Man Overboard and, on the Ionian trip I again explained it isn’t that simple and the key thing is to buy yourself a bit of thinking time which increases the probability of a successful outcome. Flying back from Kefallania with Thomas Cook we saw a classic example. During boarding a passport and mobile phone were found on a seat in row 26. The cabin crew reacted by blaming the cleaners for not finding it and then summonsed ground staff to take it to the terminal. Instant and understandable reaction, but with just a few moments thought the possibility that it could belong to a passenger on the plane could have been considered. A moment or 2 more consideration might have led to the idea that if it had been a passenger who had got off 2 hours ago then the lack of a Passport might have been detected at Passport control. Given there is a list of all passengers it wouldn’t have been hard to check but the doors had to be reopened, the steps vehicle returned and the passport and phone taken to the terminal. Half an hour later the process was reversed and the items returned to a passenger in Row 25. 200 passengers sat for an extra half an hour or 100 hours wasted, when a few seconds of considering the possible courses of action could have given a much better outcome and it probably would have taken less time than the tirade about cleaning staff not doing their job properly.Let’s hope the Pilots assess situations better.

One space left on the July RYA Mile builder trip and 2 on the September course, 2 on the mile building sailing trip after the Fastnet

Course Reports

Here we go Round….the IOW

The famous Round the Island Race is on Saturday and Wild Spirit will be racing along with over 1500 other yachts. Superb spectacle and great fun but not one to take too seriously as half the competitors won’t really know the rules.

After the race we have a couple of Mile builders then the Fastnet followed by a Mile building course out to the Scillies then back to Lymington

Cruising Reports

Ionian Dilemma

Pic of standard greek parking at Ag Efemia Paul is just back from the Ionian after sailing on a 44 foot Cat with Aussie Bruce. June is not high season, that really starts first of July but it was already getting busy and the Ionian Dilemma was painfully obvious. Quite simply the prevailing wind does really start until mid afternoon most days and the best places to spend the night are full by 1600. The result is that instead of sailing most people end up motoring before noon and are in by three before the wind picks up. For families with school age kids they also are trapped in the most expensive weeks but for others the quieter first 2 weeks in September are a good option. By October the probabilities of uncomfortably strong winds increases and by the Autumn half term the chances of not being able to sail increases significantly A Cat has some advantages when it comes to anchoring as you may be able to find a spot that is a bit too shallow for most monohulls and we did this for a couple of nights but don’t rely on it. We spent one night alongside a quay courtesy of a Greek Harbour Master who had sailed on Wild Spirit. As the wind picked up to over 30 kts we watched late arrivals suffering stress, in this harbour expert guidance from the HM was given to all and if followed worked well. This is the exception rather than the rule so do make sure everyone is well briefed on their role and remember to allow the clutch on the windlass to run the chain out at the 5 kts of boat speed you will need to manoeuvre with 30 kts of cross wind Pic of view from boat but you can’t see the other 12 further out

back in UK now with a few RYA Milebuilder trips plus fastnet coming up.

Course Reports

Ready to Go

After our cross channel RYA Milebuilder to Alderney, Weymouth, and Poole Wild Spirit was lifetd and scrubbed ready for racing–pic

Our next mile building sailing is on 20th July to 27th when we will cross the channel again. 2 regulars on board at present and a max of 6 when we are running a mile builder.

Cruising Reports

4 day mile builder to St Vaast

Pic of fastnet team at restaurant in St Vaast

We have a 4 day mile building trip to St Vaast starting Weds evening 15th May and coming back on the Sunday. max of 6 on board and 2 regulars already booked.

late addition to programme so only £245 but allow for a good meal or 2 out plus possibility of bringing some wine back.

As ever destinations are weather dependent but we lose less than one day a year of complete sailing to it.