Cruising Reports

Brave new World

We are now out on our first Milebuilder trip since Lock Down was eased and coming to terms with 1 metre plus. So the sort of spacing in the picture of a previous race team relaxing is no more. We are on single cabin occupancy for Mile building sailing and our Dining layout means a maximum of 5 people so one cabin, normally the forward en-suite, can be occupied by 2 people from same ‘Houshold’. Facilities at Marinas are operating but at reduced capacity and with the ‘Single Door’ issue being a big factor. I have visited more Marinas than most and can only think of 2 which lend themselves to One-Way systems, that is Largs and RTYC in Hobart. I don’t anticipate Wild Spirit visiting either of these this year. We are making our Covid procedures work without too much hassle on sailing trips but racing may be more problematic and Paul will give it more thought as we head towards the Round the Island Race (RTIR) in September and Junior Offshore Group (JOG) Solent race a week later.

Cruising Reports

Off we Go

Pic–Here we are starting a windy JOG race. we are GBR8799T We not starting on 4th July. I think the west country roads may be a bit difficult and it is a Saturday so to make a decent trip some leave is needed anyway. Our first Milebuilder sailing out of Plymouth starts on Thursday 9th and is full. The Mile building sailing on 16th is also full as is our first long trip on 23rd which should see us out to the Scillies. The Milebuilder on 2nd August is also now full so first availability is 2nd to 11th September. We should have at one or more Qualifying Passages for RYA YachtMaster on this trip and probably some night hours.

Cruising Reports

What did you do in the Lock Down?

Paul with Garlic crop.

Regulars will know that the standard of Food on Wild Spirit is considerably higher than most other companies and that some of it will have been home grown so a picture of just a fraction of the Garlic crop may not suprise. One effect of Covid is that we have to alter our food service on Milebuilders, so the cheese board in the middle of the table is no more, dips before Dinner are also out, but the overall standard will be maintained. We are likely to have less Dinners ashore on Mile building sailing trips but when we are safely tied up for the night the wine can still be opened in galley area, poured out then individual glasses and distributed.

Cruising Reports

Extra Reaxed trip added Thursday 16th July

2 Wild Spirit regulars Mike and Ian return. We will have sole (=family) occupancy of cabins so place for one single or a couple for a couple second person is half price.

One cabin left 28/6/20 as I put it on site. This is not really a Milebuilder trip but will be good for experience and social time. For Mile building sailing one of our later trips out to Scillies or across the Channel will give the Qualifying Passages towards YachtMaster.

Cruising Reports

Warm Water racing

Picture of our 2020 team for the Caribbean 600 race. We will be competing again in February 2021 but until then it is the cooler water of the Channel and for our Milebuilder sailing out to the Scillies the Atlantic. We also have the Round the Island Race in September and a JOG race at start of October then a Mile building trip from Lymington back to Plymouth by way of several Ports and possibly the Channel Islands.

Cruising Reports

Back in Business

After some hesitation we have news from Marinas that Yachts are to be regarded as S/C accom and we can stay on them o/n whether in a Marina or at Anchor or indeed underway. So our Milebuilder sailing is good to go subject to certain precautions which are already set out in the company policy (Paul is Chartered Environmental Health Practitioner and Fellow of Royal Society for Public Health).

We have a Mile building trip starting 23rd July but this already full.

I will contact afew regulars tommorow with view to arranging an earlier trip. The August trip has just one place left (or can ba a couple as it is sole cabin occupancy at night).

We will be taking our Covid Policy seriously and will require all coming on board to do the same, it won’t be business as normal but it will be sailing.

Contact Paul at [email protected] with availabilities but my gut reaction is not to start on 4th July but go for mid-week or long wekend instead.

Cruising Reports

Caribbean 2021

As well as racing and Mile building sailing in the UK we also compete in the Caribbean 600 race in February. Paul has just agreed to skipper Spirit of Juno a Farr 65 for the 2021 race so if you want more detail please drop us an email. Whilst Juno was built to race RTW with a team of 19 we have a maximum of 16 on board and for the 2020 race all but 4 of the team had sailed with Paul before. If you can’t wait until February we have our first Milebuilder sailing trip scheduled for 23rd July out of Plymouth. Just 2 places left and we will have sole occupancy of cabins. More on main page.

Cruising Reports

Sailing again soon

Mile building sailing out to the Isles of Scilly means team members can help plan for Pilotage plans and hands on Navigation. I have sailed out to the Islands more times than I can remember but have also had to run for cover a couple of times as the shelter isn’t that good in a gale. The Islands have 24 days a year when a Gale is reached for at least 10 minutes (UK Met Office) but the majority of these days are in the winter with July being the least windy month followed by June, August then May. I know where to shelter if it gets windy but the trick is not to get caught in the first place. These Milebuilder trips are great for gaining experience and you should expect to be an active team member. For those heading towards RYA YachtMaster they are a great opportunity to practise your skills and skipper a qualifying passage knowing that if it does start to go wrong I will make suggestions, then give advice and finally ensure we don’t park on the rocks!

Cruising Reports

Out on the Water

Ian and I were out on Wild Spirit Sunday afternoon. The new Windex is working well virtually all jobs are done and the hand Sanitiser dispenser fitted (actually difficult to find the ideal spot). We are now ready to commence our Milebuilder sailing out of Plymouth. In my previous career I did a fair bit of Risk Management in Veterinary Public Health and I am comfortable enough with Statistics to know 3 Standard Deviations doesn’t mean Flogging a Dead Horse. I have been trying to estimate the probabilities of contracting Covid during a Mile Building trip and reached the conclusion that for many people it is lower than they would have in normal daily activities.

(Pic isn’t Ian but Corey a couple of years ago)