Cruising Reports

2021–Where will we go?

pic–Restored Victorian Publivc Toilets Rothesay Bute

We didn’t go just to look at the magnificent restored facilities but if you go to Rothesay they are worth a visit. The Marina there is also one of the most sheltered anywhere and on a previous Milebuilding sailing trip we bought a very fresh large Monkfish there which Paul had to skin and prepare. The effort was worthwhile and during mile building sailing trips we do like to eat well.

How is Covid likely to impact our Milebuilders?
As the % of Population who have had it increases plus the number vaccinated rises we should return to closer normal and with our established ‘Covid Risk Reduction Procedures’

We will continue to offer our Covid money back guarantee and in 2020 we paid out several times. Other thanm ‘family money’ the company has no borrowings and remains financially sound. We trade on a ‘Not for Profit’ basis and no salaries are paid, any surplus goes to Charity.

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