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Milebuilder sailing — ask questions

As enquiries for 2021 start to come in so do the questions. I like this, much better to understand what is likely to happen before committing.

Mile building sailing courses have to take account the crew strength, weather, ‘ports of refuge’and, of course, tides. The dates for milebuilders take into account tides, so for the West of Ireland changeover, Galway has a high water of 2108 on the Friday before Saturday changeover. Entry is HW -2 to HW, there are waiting bouys outside so we can be tied up and ready for a meal out by 1945 and people have Saturday for travelling home (Express Coach direct to Dublin Airport).

For some mile building sailing trips the tide is not so important if we are out of Plymouth, so we really need to get 45NM to the Lizard before we hit big tidal considerations if we head west. We can work out the tides in advance but not some of the other factors. You might think day Skippers who ask questions about where we will be each night might be irritating but it isn’t, explaining why I don’t know, then looking at possible options for different conditions is a fundamental part of the development process.

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