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Early April Mile Building Sailing?

Pic–February a few years back–but we had a great weekend

We often have a trip between Xmas and New Year–might sound strange but with the Relatives some people have plus enforced Annual Leave it normally works well and always filled.
But for obvious reasons no festive cruise this time.
Having listened to the wise people and considered it myself i feel it is likely that there will be continuing restrictions from mid-January at least up to Easter. I have to go to work in the Caribbean in February and Wild Spirit is out of the water for a couple of weeks in March for Antifoul, Anodes etc so currently our first sail of 2021 starts evening Thursday 25th March.
I think by mid-April the Covid restrictions will be considerably less and the mixing of 2 bubbles or up to 6 people will be readily allowed.
2 Bubbles works for skippered charter to a family so in the first half of April either this or Bareboat Charter is available. We will however keep it all under review and another Milebuilder cruise or 2 in the first half of April is quite likely so if you are interested let Paul know.

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