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Sydney to Hobart Start with me somewhere in it

When planning Milebuilding sailing trips we always try and identify local events which may have a bearing on our trip. For example entering Sydney Harbour at noon on Boxing Day isn’t that clever but plenty of berthing available that night.
When you join a Milebuilder with us we expect you to take an active role in the team, this doesn’t mean you have to have great skill levels, developing skills or not is your choice and Paul has a great deal of experience available to share. On a few occaisions we encounter those who seem completly addicted to their mobile phone and the search for WiFi signals. We do understand that sometimes work pressures cause issues and try and work to help out, but, if we need to get going to catch a tide and you want to hang around in case an e-mail arrives it isn’t a happy combination.
Milebuilding sailing is good for developing most sailing skills particularly Navigation. Paul will have considered tides during the planning and considered access restrictions to chnageover Ports etc but the day to day detail has to be worked out during the trip.

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