Cruising Reports

Sailing again soon

Mile building sailing out to the Isles of Scilly means team members can help plan for Pilotage plans and hands on Navigation. I have sailed out to the Islands more times than I can remember but have also had to run for cover a couple of times as the shelter isn’t that good in a gale. The Islands have 24 days a year when a Gale is reached for at least 10 minutes (UK Met Office) but the majority of these days are in the winter with July being the least windy month followed by June, August then May. I know where to shelter if it gets windy but the trick is not to get caught in the first place.
These Milebuilder trips are great for gaining experience and you should expect to be an active team member. For those heading towards RYA YachtMaster they are a great opportunity to practise your skills and skipper a qualifying passage knowing that if it does start to go wrong I will make suggestions, then give advice and finally ensure we don’t park on the rocks!

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