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Why Plymouth for Mile buidling sailing

Why did we pick Plymouth Yacht Haven for this year’s Milebuilders?
Well we were going to be based in Troon for the Scottish cruises and some racing (having won the 3 Peaks Yacht Race in 2018 we fancied a go at the Scottish Islands Peaks Race as well).
We realised in mid-March that Covid would close things down for some time plus we wouldn’t be able to get Wild Spirit to Troon Yacht Haven before ‘Lock Down’.
Running a sailing business involves significant fixed costs and berthing in Plymouth is £4000 p.a. less than Lymington. (Yes Four Thousand).
Plymouth Yacht Haven is part of the same group as LYH and has good facilities plus free parking, it was ‘Marina of the Year 2018/9’ and is only 90 minutes drive from Wild Spirit’s Global HQ.
The West Country provides great cruising, though cross channel trips take longer these are less likely this year, and we have the Isles of Scilly as a beautiful alternative.
our first Mile Building sailing trip has just one place left and we offer a ‘Covid Money back Guarantee’ but I am pretty sure we will be operating by then.

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