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Milebuilders and Covid risks

A few years ago 2 Killer Whales came up either side of Wild Spirit and the one on the Starboard side had a good look at me from less than 6 foot away. Knowing that Whales sometimes sink Yachts I felt we might be at risk. The Whales then dropped behind us to play in our wash and my assessment of the risk they posed dropped dramatically.
All this risk assassment (RA) was subjective.
As we prepare to start Mile building sailing and racing again we are required to do a RA for Covid. We have some Science to go on but rather like the Whales there is going to be a subjective element.
We have a RA for our Milebuilders so if at 8 June One in a Thousand people have the Virus at least we have a starting point (UK Gov)
With test and trace plus social distancing the number should be lower by the time we re-start sailing.
We can do simple Maths with big assumptions and your chance of catching Covid during a 5 day Milebuilding sailing trip is around 1 in 4000.
In mid-March the chance of an individual catching Covid was about One in a Thousand per day.
Put another way the daily chance of catching of Covid on one of our Milebuilders is about One Twentieth of that.
Please do be careful how you drive to and from Plymouth.

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