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Milebuilder sailing Cornwall or Corfu?

Pic–Newlyn at Low water

Our Plymouth based mile building sailing trips are great for progressing towards YachtMaster and sailing in beautiful uncrowded places. You don’t need to be an expert but I wouldn’t want you to tell your Partner it is like sailing in the Med.
What’s the difference?
1) We don’t have to rush to get to a port or anchorage by 1430 to make sure we get a spot for the night.
2) Enough Wind to sail comes most of the time, not at 1500 just after you dropped your anchor which is what happens in many Greek Ports (Katabatic effects).
3) The beaches and scenery are better and you won’t be kept awake by nightclubs playing horribly distorted electronic ‘music’
Any questions about Mile building sailing just drop Paul an e-mail or call on 01823 433813 between 0800 and 2000 UK time (not Australian time Bruce).

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