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What happens on a Milebuilder sailing trip?

Obvious answer is we go sailing and build miles. But it varies with individual aspirations, the strength of the team and the weather.
Mile Building is not the same as gaining experience, just consider a TransAtlantic crossing, you get all the miles you need to take YachtMaster but none of the parking practice needed for the exam.
You also get very limited relevant navigation practice for YM Offshore or Coastal.
With us we aim to help develop all your sailing skills and this can only be done when we understand your current level and where you want to go. Possibly you have completed Day Skipper but before you want to take the family sailing in Greece feel a bit more eperience is wise. Several couples on recent Mile Building sailing trips were about to buy their own yacht and before setting off wanted to work out safety when short handed sailing.
This doesn’t mean you need to be an experienced sailor to join a trip out of Plymouth but you do have to be happy to help sail Wild Spirit as part of the team.

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