Course Reports

Ready, Steady, No

Pic of Mini Subs used in 2nd World War, base was on Isle of Bute which would have been visiting at least once this year.

Whilst Day Sailing for Households may now be permitted we can’t run our Milebuilder sailing yet as this would be more than households and also overnight.
If you are a genuine household that has people with relevant experience and qualifications you might be able to charter Wild Spirit for Day Sailing out of Plymouth but we don’t do dodgy so please don’t get in touch unless you can be legal.
Our Mile building sailing trips out of Plymouth Yacht Haven are still scheduled to restart on 2nd August but we are just about good to go as soon as we legally can. We have a list of people who would like to sail ASAP but of course work etc may reduce the number who can actually go so do get in touch to add your name.

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