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A Salty Question?

Pic of Salty Old Sea Dog–not me, though probably better looking, as I have just had a DIY haircut.

My wife normally says I am ‘beyond help’ but I could do with a bit of scientific input and my research isn’t providing the answers.

I am writing our Covid Risk Reduction Policy for when we resume Mile Building Sailing and considering surfaces on which Covid can settle and then be picked up by someone else.
If it isn’t raining the surfaces of a yacht exposed to the weather have a fine layer of salt on.
(Just run your finger along a rope or wire and taste).
So, up top, if it is dry any droplets with Covid in landing on surfaces go on to a fine layer of Salt which seems likely to significantly reduce the time for which the Virus remains viable.
But despite a few hours of research I am struggling to find much published research relating to Coronavirus (not just Covid 19) and inactivation by Sodium Chloride. Closest I have really found so far relates to Polio.
Any help appreciated.
Milebuilder sailing is due to resume in August if restrictions allow (which I think is likely) but as we are going to have to live with Covid for some time manging the risks require an understanding of them.

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