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Plymouth Ho

Pic is of Starling Control at Lymington but we have moved.

Wild Spirit is now in Plymouth Yacht Haven and with the current ‘Lock Down’ will probably be there until early May. We were of course meant to be moving to Troon and, as I have paid for an annual berth there, this is still the ambition but it became clear a couple of weeks ago that this was not going to be a normal year for sailing. With this in mind a quick look at Fixed Costs and some negotiating with the Yachthavens group we decided to leave Lymington earlier than planned and berth at Plymouth instead as it saves £4000 p.a. — Yes the number of zeros is correct and Lymington is now well over £9000 plus electric on top. We run on a ‘Not for Profit’ basis, I don’t draw a wage and any surplus goes to Charity so £4000 is significant especially when we are likely to lose half the sailing calander due to Covid.
Paul will give the options more thought over the next few days but still wants to run the Milebuilder sailing trips in Scotland. The Mile building course from Lymington to Troon is off and as both the 3 Peaks yacht Race and Scottish Islands Peaks Race are cancelled one option is to operate out of Plymouth when the situation improves. This would allow mile building sailing to several West Country Ports and the Isles of Scilly. For serious Milebuilders the ports of Brittany would be a possible option and I recall a particular little restaurant or 2 that could be revisited.

More soon

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