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Sailors Grab Bags

Pic fro an Australian Boat–we don’t drink and sail, but once we have tied up…

We are now back from the Caribbean 600 and preparing for the UK season. Before the Mile builders we have a couple of races suitable for sailors who want to try racing. After a RYA course we then have our first Mile building sailing trip from Lymington to troon by way of Dublin, where we will be tied up

The Mile builder from Fort William up to the Orkneys is almost full but there is space on the other 2 trips and both of these will include a Qualifying Passage or 2 for budding YachtMasters, St Kilda is on the cards for the first Scottish Mile builder and we will certainly visit the outer Hebrides on this trip.

The third Mile building sailing trip from Kirkwall down to Troon is also likely to visit several hebridean islands and possibly Rathlin Island as well.

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