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The St Kilda question

Wild Spirit at anchor on a previous visit to St Kilda

The trip from Orkneys up round Shetland is almost full but the trip from Corpach (Fort William) up to Kirkwall via the Caledonian Canal isn’t and I have been talking to someone I know well who did it a couple of years ago. He found the number of Locks a bit trying. So I am considering running this milebuilder trip out to the West instead and possibly taking in St Kilda now the building works are finished. Hang on isn’t it unihabited? Well actually it has a NATO transmission station with associated power plant on it and it used to be a bit of an eyesore which is where the building works came in.

In terms of mile building sailing going west clearly adds more miles plus Qualifying Passages for YachtMaster and we can easily complete the trip taking in St Kilda from say Castle Bay and then back into Rodel or Poll Scrott. For those heading for YachtMaster it offers a great deal, though as we will be there in June not many night hours.

Tempting, anyone interested in going this way rather than via Caledonian Canal drop me an email

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