Sailing Report

Mile Building Sailing –Expectations

Pic is of Pierre working away at Navigation, which he was good at.

Our Milebuilder trips are good for developing towards YachtMaster and most people on board are keen to progress. Some may already have YachtMaster, others want Qualifying Passages to work towards it.
No problem if you just want to be an active team member but don’t want to be a Navigator, Sail Trimmer or Helm and if you don’t have experience it isn’t an issue as long as you are a team player with a sense of adventure.
Whether with us, or someone else, a Mile building trip is not a Cruise on a Liner, so please don’t sell it to your partner as such just because you want to do it.
For those with less experience but still with a sense of adventure, the Corpach to Kirkwall trip is the shortest and as we go through the Caledonian Canal to start with, we will be on fairly flat water for 3 days by which time everyone should have got their sea legs.

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