Cruising Reports

Why sail to Fair Isle?

Picture of Harbour on Fair Isle which is a destination for us on a Milebuilder sailing trip in summer 2020.
What is so special about Fair Isle? Probably its remoteness, superb scenery, wildlife and friendly people. It will be my 3rd sail to the Island and I am really looking forward to it.
This is on the mile building cruise we have from Kirkwall in Orkney up to the Shetlands and back to Kirkwall. It is a 2 week trip which gives us more options and greater probabilities for finding suitable weather windows so sy go out to Foula the most Westerly of the Shetlands with its dramtic cliffs and vast sea bird colonies.
Shetland to Orkney makes a good Qualifying passage for YachtMaster so we will probably only stop at Fair Isle one way and North Haven is a bit exposed to North Easterlies so this will be one factor in our planning.

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