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Climate change and Mile building sailing in Scotland

Not Scotland but we here are on our way to winning divison in Sydney to Hobart in a lot of wind.

Without enetring into a debate on Bush Fires in Australia the statistics show all our weather is becoming more variable, so how do you allow for this when running a Milebuilder sailing trip.
Several factors to consider but still basically the planning you need, and are legally obliged, to do for any trip.
There are quite few parts of the World which have notoriously difficult conditions and the picture is just in the Bass Strait but there are several places around Scotland where you do need to get the wind and tide right. Fortunately one of the fairly difficult ones in Scotland has a canal as an alternative so if you are running a mile builder trip and are forecast a couple of days of big winds plus tides for the Mull of Kintyre then Crinan Canal with its very pleasant Pub half way through beckons.
The other thing to do is to allow a bit more time near the destination so if we are heading back to Troon from the Hebrides we can always get a Qualifying Pasage or 2 for YachtMaster in get round the Mull with a couple of days left the vist Arran or up to Bute before heading south to Troon.

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