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Scotland –planning sailing cruises

Picture of Tayvallich Scotland

Planning our mile builder sailing trips in Scotland is a little more complicated than along the South coast of England as whilst there are lots of safe havens the transport links are further apart, for example if we had a mile building trip from Lymington to Falmouth and we hit bad weather then the train to Falmouth also stops at Plymouth. Like other schools and sailing companies we have to build in some flexibility for variable weather and this is one of the reasons we do 2 week milebuilder courses rather than one in Scotland.
So, if we take the milebuilder from Corpach (railway station 100 metres from yacht) up to Kirkwall in the Orkneys we have built in the flexibility of sailing round the Orkneys using the shelter they offer after having comeup through the Caledonian Canal.
The number of Qualifying Passages for YachtMaster varies with the trips, plus the aspirations of individuals with some such as the Kirkwall to Troon Mile building trip having more than say Corpach to Kirkwall.

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