Racing Reports

A Windy weekend

picture of Wild Spirit under just storm jib in a gale

We decided against racing in the Channel last weekend and trained in the Solent instead. We saw a gust of 47 Kts and several in the low 40s as we trained with various combinations of Storm and heavy weather sails before overnighting in Southampton. Of the fleet of 64 in the RORC race less than a quarter finished.

The cross channel mile builders are about half full and we have a few more enquiries. One question I am asked is ‘Where will we go?’ The answer is that the destination in the name of the trip is where I intend we should go and I have already looked at the tides. What I can’t do is predict the weather in advance and, rather like last weekend, I have no intention of setting off on a RYA Mile building sailing course across the channel when a severe gale warning has been issued.

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