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October all over?

On our way to winning 3 Peaks yacht race 2018

October all over–traditional saying about hurricane season

Rumours that Wild Spirit and I may go our separate ways are true.
From next December to about July 2020 I should be sailing slowly across the Pacific with Aussie Bruce and there seems little point in keeping a yacht in one of the most expensive marinas in the UK if I am not going to use it. This just part of the story, winning the 3 Peaks Yacht Race in 2018 was a pinnacle and from the top there is only one way.
Having run Wild Spirit for 15 years I have made a lot of friends and contacts in the sailing world so I am wondering if anyone has any sensible suggestions for a way forward that doesn’t involve never sailing on her again.
There seem to be a few options. My company owns WS so I could sell the company so she remains Coded and with a berth in Lymington Yacht Haven (waiting list). I could go for a Yacht fraction scheme but have no real knowledge of how these work plus live 96 miles from Lymington. Finally I could just sell her via a broker and accept their 5% fees through gritted teeth.
This last option doesn’t appeal so much as I suspect that her new Carbon sails, Dyform Rig etc will not be reflected in the valuation. I also have a website, about 14 sets of Oilies and many spares which I would have to through in at well under their value.
We have run on a ‘Not for Profit’ basis for about 10 years as once, whilst also doing some consulting, I did make a profit and had to pay Tax. Since then, most years we have given at least £1K to charity, but it would be wrong to think you could make a sensible living running her out of Lymington Yacht Haven.
Probably looking at October —any sensible suggestions, do please drop me an e-mail at [email protected]

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