Course Reports

How many on a RYA course?

Picture is internal layout of Wild Spirit–with the table down it is 4 double berths.

When we get to 4 students on a RYA course we normally mark it as full. The RYA max is 5 and we might go to 5, if we do it may well be a regular who wants to build experience and this is a practice adopted by many schools.

Some schools advertise a maximum of 4 and this may be related to the size of their yacht. Think of the height of a half pint glass and a pint glass. By the time you take out fixed spaces such as the engine compartment the volume of a 40 footer is about twice that of a 35.

For RYA Milebuilders and our cross channel sailing mile building we normally have a maximum of 6 on board and this our preferred number if we are doing some night sailing.

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