Course Reports

Who is on the course?

Not the fella next to me in the picture (I am on right)

We like to get a mix on RYA courses and if we end up with 3 Day Skippers we normally won’t take a 4th as it works best to have a Comp Crew on board as well. Several reasons for this but the big one is that DS is a very intensive course and we want you all to pass. If we get one or 2 who need a lot of coaching over boat handling it starts to eat into the time available and it is a big syllabus to fully cover.
The Comp Crew is more straight forward but we believe it is good for you to see what the DSs are up to as it is probably your next step in sailing.
We prefer to have at least one DS with our Comp Crew as they should be able to keep a look out on day one and even Instructors have to visit the heads.

For RYA Milebuilders and mile building sailing trips we often have an experienced regular on board. We indicate where we are hoping to go but the aspirations and skills level of the team are important plus, of course, the weather.

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