Course Reports

RYA Comp Crew and Day Skipper


Like many schools we have RYA Competent Crew and Day Skipper students on the same course. It is a good combination and we prefer 2 of each. Comp Crew assumes no previous knowledge whereas Day Skipper requires at least 5 days of sailing including 4 night hours PLUS theory up to Day Skipper standard.As with our Mile builder sailing we end up with a mix of experience which means we can learn from each other. For Comp Crew they can see what comes next in RYA qualifications and for Day Skipper students they have top work with the same standards they may well have when they skipper for real the first time in the Med.
It does help to have more than the minimum experience and we suggest learning a few knots plus reading the course notes for Competent Crew.For Day Skippers a mile building trip is a great way of gaining more experience and on one of our trips you can be very much involved, it isn’t so much about building miles, it is about experience.

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