Sailing Report

February Course–Won’t it be Cold?

Yes, it can be cold so if you want a place on this one you may need thermals or several layers. As long as you have a reasonable sleeping bag you won’t be cold at night as we can leave the electric heating on.
Unlike on some of our RYA Milebuilding courses, we will be in a Marina every night and there will be hot showers etc (I even know where there is a Bath). We have a diesel heating system as well and we sometimes run this if we anchor for lunch. Lunches always have a hot element, often a homemade soup and food on both RYA courses and milebuilder sailing is much better than most sea schools.
On the February course we will eat out a couple of times, where will be a group decision, but due to years of selfless research I do know a few options. We do 4 hours of night sailing and this often takes the form of 2 evening arrivals about 1900 followed by Dinner ashore.

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