Course Reports

Coastal Skipper?

Picture is from Weymouth on one of our Milebuilding trips. This is the sort of destination you should be visiting on a RYA Coastal Skipper course that starts in the Solent. Every year I have people on board for mile building trips etc who tell me they are Coastal Skippers. I ask how they found the exam and in the majority of cases there are puzzled looks or “What exam”. Often this is followed up by finding they didn’t leave the Solent and also that there were people doing Day Skipper on board as well.
The RYA syllabus is to be taught on Coastal and Offshore passages by night and day. The Solent does give good navigational excercises but offshore it most certainly isn’t.
We don’t mix Coastal and Day Skipper students on the same course, it isn’t fair to either, it is just done to maximise income.
I suggest that if you want to progress from Day Skipper to RYA Coastal Skipper you do a milebuilding trip or 2 with us. We can then see where you need to develop further and with some coaching help you acheive your goal.

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