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February RYA Course–Pros and Cons

The February RYA course is starting to fill. We aren’t advertising at present, partly because we have had enquiries in the past from well meaning people wanting to give a suprise present of a RYA course to someone they think will enjoy it.
If you aren’t sure if you (or they) want to do a RYA course and learn to sail then you are much better to talk to us first, I will be running the course and the last thing any instructor needs is someone meeting their sales target but misleading the student you are going to spend the next 5 days with.

January is cold and dark, short days can limit the miles sailed on days 1 and 2.

February can still be cold and whist we do have both electric and diesel heating on board it doesn’t work on the deck. But the days are getting longer so we have a bit more time to get the miles in, sunset is now after 1700. We need to get at least 4 night hours sailing in, this tends to be in 2 sessions, so no need to sail to midnight and beyond, as you have to when teaching up in Scotland in June/July.
The average wind speed is also lower in and February and by starting the course close to Neaps (smaller tides) we get smaller waves if the wind is blowing the opposite way from the tide.
The Solent is also a great place to do a RYA course as we can choose whether to go out into open water or stay in sheltered areas.

We often have people on who already have RYA qualifications but want to do milebuilders and gain sailing experience. February is good for experience, but not so good if you are just focussed on mile building, more about the difference in a future post.

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