Sailing Report

Mile builder special offer

Pic is of Jon Morgan one of our team that won the 3 Peaks yacht race becoming World Record holder for Marathon as Cartoon Character. You won’t need to run for this offer but you will cover at least 4 times the miles Jon did.

The RYA courses in October are all filling (half the bookings come in the 3 weeks before the course) but the one starting on Friday 14th September in Plymouth has only two bookings at present. It is going to run, if need be my wife will crew, but I would like at least 3 plus me on board so special offer of £100 off for next booking only–just £225 and it is easy by train or coach to Plymouth and Lymington.
We have just Comp Crew or mile building on this course though we will take Day Skippers providing you meet the RYA minimum requirements.
Good for mile building sailing and those needing to do some mile builders for RYA qualifications.
Paul a YachtMaster Instructor with over 100,000 miles will be skipper.
After next booking it is back to £325 which is still great value. I can’t alter the web site when I am at sea so apologise if place has gone when you enquire.
judith will do forms in my absence.

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