Sailing Report

To the Emerald Isle

Our next mile builder sailing trip starts Saturday and we have a place left. We leave Troon on Saturday and will probably run across to Arran for the night or down to Girvan before heading across to Ballycastle (in picture) Rathlin or Glenarm or PortPatrick and then south possibly by way of the Isle of Man which we have seen on several of our RYA mile building courses this year but not actually stopped at.

We work on ‘praise in public, b*****k in private’ and it gives me pleasure to record how helpful the staff at Troon Yacht Haven have been during our summer there. Marinas vary and there are some really good ones but the team at Troon have been outstanding, we shall be in next time we are on our way back south from the 3 Peaks Yacht Race.

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