Sailing Report

The square spinnaker

Andy, first mate for the Volvo Round Ireland team was one of them. That is the group that ended up at a fisherman’s party in Wicklow the night before the race. Drink had been taken! The next day a bit the worse for it we started well and then needed to hoist a spinnaker.
The foredeck committee consisted of 4 as we hadn’t gone into the watch system yet and they sat in front of the mast debating vociferously. Soon the reason became apparent, one didn’t have a corner. After having been gently re-assured by the skipper that spinnakers really only did have 3 corners it was eventually hoisted.
Whilst we do have the odd tipple ashore, we never drink and sail, so please do bear this in mind when signing up for RYA mile builders or mile building sailing trips with us.

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