Cruising Reports

MOB in Largs

After the Dublin to Scotland Milebuilder we called into Largs to drop off a sail for repair.
Lydia, one of our Volvo Round Ireland team was there and took the photo. What she missed was George falling in at our first attempt at berthing. An experienced sailor he was holding the shrouds and close enough to step on to the pontoon, Craig had already stepped through the gate. He was stood with his feet on the rail and wearing gardening wellies. As I saw it from the helm one foot appeared slow to leave the rail and subsequently I find that the slot in the wellies is a close fit on the width of the rail. The way he fell suggests to me that one welly ‘locked’ on to the rail. The lifejacket inflated correctly and Craig helped him on to the Pontoon.
During Milebuilder sailing, lifejackets are compulsory as they are on RYA courses.

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