Course Reports

AIS PLBs for Scotland

The picture shows us recovering a crew member in a MOB practice in warmish water. An MOB in the Solent isn’t necessarily serious, particularly if they have a Lifejacket on and it is a sunny day with warm water.

At night, with no-one readily available to assist, it can be a very different matter. Those who have done RYA courses will know to keep pointing at the MOB, those who hve done it for real in a Gale at night know it isn’t quite that simple. So we have just purchased AIS PLBs to fit to the Lifejackets used on Wild Spirit.
If anyone goes overboard with a lifejacket on in one of our Scottish Mile Building Courses the AIS and strobe activate automatically and the casualties position shows on both the GPS and Radio. During Mile Builder sailing we wear Lifejackets on deck at all times but the new AIS PLBs give an extra layer of safety.

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