Sailing Report

Volcanoes, Rum, Sun and Snorkelling

Leaving from Falmouth harbour in Antigua late morning Sunday 4th February, Spirit of Juno a Farr 65 skippered by Paul will sail to Montserrat with its active Volcano, we will probably overnight at Port Little Bay or Belham Valley and conditions permitting we will sail south then go ashore and see the aftermath of the eruption that turned the small town of Plymouth into a modern day Pompeii. Then we will either further night at Belham Valley with a morning sail south towards Guadeloupe or an overnight run down towards Les Saintes where ‘Death in Paradise’ was filmed. It all depends on time and conditions (though typically we have warm easterly trade winds)
In Guadeloupe we visit several ports and Bays on the sheltered west of the Island which is officially part of France and uses Euros. We return to Falmouth Harbour Antigua on Sunday 11th possibly after an overnight sail.
Not too many miles but opportunities to visit unique places and have a great week of sunshine and warm seas in February.

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