Cruising Reports

Death of Killer Whale

The only time I have been a bit close to a Killer Whale was when mile builder sailing just north on the Orkneys when 2 came alongside us. With one on each side and less than 6 foot away I had a profound understanding that I was not the top predator. After a few minutes they fell into line behind us and a few minutes later swam away.
When we move Wild Spirit up to Scotland next year and have some mile building trips we might hope to see Killer Whales but recent reports suggest an alarming decline in the number of them living round Scotland.
Many years ago I was in charge of the Environmental Protection Unit of Sheffield Council and remember the problems of land contaminated with PCB which are what is causing the extinction of the Scottish Pod. I can do nothing about PBCs but we will continue take all steps to avoid plastic going in the sea.

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