Sailing Report

RYA and Bar

The RYA course ending on 10th Novemeber was one of the most enjoyable ever. Stuart not only easily passed his Comp Crew but proved a good Helm. Max comfortably passed his Day Skipper and Barry, Paul D and Mike continued to build experience towards YM.
The wind was variable and intially it looked like we might get used to hearing the engone, but we mangaed to find enough wind and then it was a case of where was more sheltered. Our Maximum was Force 7 on the last day and we hit 11.6 knots over the ground coming back in through Hurst.
The Scocial side was excellent with Irish Night in Cowes giving us the ‘earworm’ of Danny Boy for the rest of the week, stridently performed by Paul D we came to know and expect it.
I can only hope that when we are doing the Mile builders off Scotland next year the Mull of Kintyre does not have the same effect.
Thank you Max, Paul, Barry, Mike and Stuart.

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