Sailing Report

Weymouth 5th

The Weymouth race saw a forecast of quite strong winds and because these would be against the tide it could be lumpy, just the sort of conditions we do well in and similar to last year when we finished 3rd
The weather was milder than forecast and after a slightly slower start than hoped for we beat down the Solent and then down the Needles. One yacht some way behind us lost its’ mast but we continued under full main and No 3 tacking towards Anvil Point.
To go outside the race or use the inside passage, which is narrow at the best of times, was the next choice. We choose the inside and was rewarded on arrival by a line of foaming white water. Choosing the least boisterous looking bit we just ploughed through and gave the decks a wash.
A simple broad reach in to the finish saw us overtake a couple of yachts to finish 5th in class. A little disappointing compared with last year but still comfortably in the top half.
Next race is the Fastnet

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