Sailing Report

Man Overboard

New AIS PLBs are here to stay.
AIS= Automatic Identification System and PLB=Personal Locator Beacon.
You fall over (I’d rather you didn’t) AIS goes off and you appear on the VHF plus Chart Plotter as a Flashing Blob.
Sounds great but on a lot of systems you may appear to be a Ship or Buoy. So last weekend the expensive new AIS PLB system was installed on Wild Spirit during a working weekend.
The new system PLBs are compulsory for Cat 1 races such as the Antigua to Bermuda in May when I skipper Juno a Farr 65. We will probably use them for the Fastnet as well even though it is only Cat 2.

Paul is away unitl 25th March but e-mails will get through and be answered

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