West Country Milebuilder

Pic of Plymouth as we arrived at the end of a Milebuilding sailing trip from Dublin in 2018 We have a Milebuilder out fo Plymouth in August this year. As ever with sailing things are weather depndent but we have enough time to go out to the Isles of Scilly and if things look go that is the most likely destination. Other RYA Mile building trips include France and the Channel Islands

RYA Milebuilders Summer 2019

For summer 2019 we will offer several Milebuilder trips, these are also called RYA Mile Building. These are rather different from the Delivery trips which some offer, sold as ‘mile builders’.

Pic of us in Fair Isle on a previous trip. That was part of a great Mile builder all the way round Britian and Ireland and then back to Lymington so definitely not a ‘Delivery’. Our RYA Mile building sailing trips last 5 or more days and visit several ports. They are likely to include at least one night sail and you will be involved in all aspects of sailing Wild Spirit if you wish. Some people focus on areas for development such as practical navigation skills and passage planning and, accepting the need to sail safely, one to one coaching is given. For the number of days on one of our Mile Builders you won’t sail as many miles as a delivery but you will gain much more knowledge. You can also build miles and experience by just sailing on one of our RYA courses. If you wish you can just sail, but if you want, we will also involve you in Navigation, Passage planning etc in order to keep developing your skills.

Fastnet place

We have lost a team member due to work related issues so we have one place available in the Team. More info on the racing page but basically training plus 11 or so races and the Fastnet. Experience is not critical but attitude and working as part of a team is.

This is not part of our RYA Milebuilder programme but you will do over a 1000 miles building a lot of experience along the way.

pic of Mel off the Fastnet in previous race.

Experience v Miles

Picture shows us on a lovely day with just enough wind and the team are learning how to use a spinnaker. We are off the south coast of England having to work out the tides, ‘keep a weather eye open’, plan our days and think about where to go if it doesn’t all work out. In terms of a RYA Milebuilder probably 60 miles at most and you need at least 2500 before you can take YachtMaster Offshore exam. But they are 60 valueable miles and when we offer sailing mile building it is about developing you as a sailor. So whether it is a cross channel Milebuilder to France or the Channel Islands, or even just in the Solent we will help you gain experience and develop your sailing skills. Do you get this experience in an Atlantic crossing–more in a future post.

Snowy sailing

We are sailing 1st to 3rd February. Obviously a bit on the cold side but we do have both diesel and electric heating. Bit on the short side for a mile builder but we will probably log over 30NM and include Cowes with a good meal out. Our RYA sailing mile building trips in the summer typically log 200miles or more and normally include at least one overnight passage. Great for budding Yachtmasters and those who want something a bit more challenging than the Solent

Row, row, row your boat

We have had a couple of requests about how to row a yacht from would be 3 Peaks Yacht Race teams. The picture above shows a square section aluminium extrusion attached to stanchions with U bolts and the rowlocks fitted to it. The only rowing that could be involved in our cross channel milebuilders or RYA mile building sailing is from an Anchor or, more likely, a mooring buoy to the shore, though we normally carry a small outboard for these purposes.

Fame at last?

Lymington Yacht Haven have put this picture on their Facebook page today. I doubt I will be dining out on it but hopefully it may help raise awareness of the 3 Peaks Yacht Race. What is less well known is that Pete in our team is a Type 1 diabetic and has to constantly monitor and control his blood sugar level, winning a gruelling race just shows the resolve he has.

If you do have a medical condition we need to know about it but, whether it is a race or a cross channel milebuilder it has to be something really serious to stop us taking you.

Round the Island Race–special offer

We were full for the Round the Island Race but have lost one due to work. So we have one place and if you are female it makes the cabin share easier. details are on the programme page, in short, meet Thursday evening 27th June, train Friday, race Saturday back to Lymington Sunday afternoon. Anyone signing up by 9th February gets £95 off so just £300. The milebuilder cross channel sailing and RYA mile building courses are now up on the site and we have several bookings.

Why are we based at Lymington Yacht Haven?

Well certainly not because it is cheap. Lymington Yacht Haven is just about the most expensive in the country, but it does have a number of significant advantages especially for Mile building courses.

Unlike many Marinas it has free car parking which is patrolled at night. Others charge or you have to find a spot on a road as near to the Marina as you can.

Being close to the West end of the Solent RYA Milebuilders to France, Channel Islands and the west require only 3 miles before you are heading towards your destination. Compare that with say Port Solent where you have to lock out and go down to Portsmouth, then round the east of the Island before heading South.

The facilities are superb, LYH was voted best in UK in 2017. The New Forest National Park starts at the edge of the Car Park 100m from Wild Spirit. With a variety of paths some regulars choose to arrive an hour or 2 early, miss any traffic and go for a walk.