Yacht Racing—Fastnet 2017

Yacht Racing—Fastnet 2017

Just hit big e-mail issue so please use paulandjudith.jackson@btinternet.com to contact us

Probably the best known yacht race in the World the Fastnet is a real challenge. Wild Spirit will be campaigning again in 2017. We offer a much more comprehensive package than most, with more races and training. Geoff Johns will be skipper; he has completed numerous serious races including several Fastnets and Volvo Round Irelands.

Wild Spirit is a fast cruiser; we pick up some silverware most years, we are not an all-out racing yacht but for 2016 finished 7th out of 66 in our Royal Ocean racing Club class for the UK season. We are ‘Coded’ for 10 but race with a maximum of 8 for most races with 9 for long races (half are off watch and we have 6 good racing berths plus 3 more when we have finished).

For 2017 we have a new Carbon Genoa and a new code Zero. We are going to run with 2 code Zeros and 2 spinnakers plus the Vektron Heavy Weather Jib which proved so effective in the 2016 Volvo Round Ireland Race when we beat sailing Logic and Irish Offshore sailing.

Wild Spirit is safe and stable (easily meets Fastnet safety standards) and has been tweaked for performance for several seasons. We are based at Lymington Yacht Haven with free car parking and good rail access.

Our Objectives
1) Safely complete the race
2) Enjoy Ourselves
3) Do as well as we can

Hi Paul/Geoff

Just to say I had a fantastic weekend and looking forward to the coming season.



Programme at 28/11/16—may be changes,

3rd Feb–New Sails plus train weekend–joint with JOG team

10th March race Training

24th March race training

1st April–Nab Tower Race weekend–join Friday evening

14th April Easter races to Cherbourg plus return. Meet Thursday evening for early Friday start.

Finish Easter Monday.

28th April /RORC Cervantes

12th May RORC De Guingand Cup

26th BH RORC Eddystone. This a key qualifier so allow for late finish on BH Monday or even early Tuesday morning finish.

9-11 June RORC Morgan Cup

7th July-St Malo race or training weekend. We should be qualified by now and if so we will not do the race as it is notorious for lack of wind/ adverse tides. If we need to do this race you will need Friday afternoon off plus Monday. We will make decision before 12th June.

22nd July Weymouth JOG Race*

6th August RORC Fastnet we should be in by Friday 11th but allow for as long as 13th in case it is as slow as 2005.

1st September Cherbourg RORC–needs Friday afternoon off

29th  Sept JOG Cherbourg Needs ½ days leave*

* The Weymouth and second Cherbourg race weekends are combined events with our JOG programme and places are on a first come basis. We do this so members of the RORC and Wild Spirit teams can meet; this is partly a development issue and we will be competing again in the 2018 Volvo Round Ireland Race.

 Team re-union weekend TBC

Half price charter weekend for suitably qualified/ competent.
Subject to availability a further race training weekend will be offered to team members at no extra cost and an ISAF course at £50 organised a day before a race to reduce travel. (free on board accom).

About 10 races plus at least 2 training weekends and probably a re-union weekend which is as much sailing as most non-sailing partners will tolerate!
Cost will be £3875 with £400 off for anyone signing up and paying £500 deposit by 10th December.
Fastnet team members also get half price on any JOG team race with a spare place, half price RYA courses and subject to qualification etc half price charter of Wild Spirit.
(In past years 2 or more team members have combined to have a free weekend charter).

We don’t qualify, but we have more races schedules than most ‘Pay to Play’ operators and I can probably persuade the RORC to accept qualifying miles from the JOG races plus Volvo Round Ireland, so depending on repeat sign ups we may be qualified at the start of the season.
Something happens to Wild Spirit or the Skipper—we may be able to arrange a substitute yacht acceptable to the RORC and we have several potential substitutes for skipper.
We will do our best to manage any risks but can’t give guarantees.

Policies etc
Wild Spirit is coded to MCA standards plus complies with RYA and RORC/ISAF standards and is correctly insured for all races, training etc.
As long as it is legal and we don’t have to join in we don’t mind what you believe in or what gender or race you are. If you have bits missing or other issues and we can cope with any resulting problems we can probably welcome you to the team, it is about what you can do.
We don’t drink and sail, we do have a few drinks after races but it isn’t compulsory.
Wild Spirit is Non Smoking, Non-Vaping and absolutely no illegal substances.
End of the small print—if you can’t trust the people you sail with you are on the wrong boat

Fastnet on a Swan–3 week package including Cowes Week Aimed at overseas sailors with first booking in May 2016.

Jog-camapaign-2017 Less time of work and less cost than Fastnet.

After last year’s succes we repeat the Caribeean 600 on the Farr 65. As of July 2016 we are half full at 1/10/16.

Antigua to Bermuda Race May 2017 Once again on Spirit of Juno the Farr 65, we have a one off for 2017.

The Round the Island Race is back to the 3 day format.

we are full for the 2016 Sydney to Hobart but, after winning our Divison for 2nd year running, we should be running again in 2017 so drop us an e-mail.

Just hit big e-mail issue so please use paulandjudith.jackson@btinternet.com to contact us

Hi Paul,
I’m just writing to say how much I enjoyed crewing for you in the recent race to Cherbourg.
I had a great time on board the Wild Spirit, and appreciate all the teaching, advice and patience shown to me by yourself and the rest of the crew.


We teach people to race offshore and offer team places for the Round Ireland, round the Island, Fastnet, Sydney Hobart etc.

The Round Ireland Race will be our main event for 2018. This is a serious race with seriously good hospitality.

ID Join Likely Finish Event Price Spaces  
WS281 26 May
29 May
RORC Eddystone Race £350 2 Email Wild Spirit

RORC race from Cowes round the Eddystone light and back.

BH wekend and we may finish late on the Monday or even early Tuesday (you can stay on board o/n if you wish).

A great race, our best place in the race was 2nd several years ago and the yacht that beat us went on to win the Fastnet that year.

WS283 9 Jun
11 Jun
RORC Morgan Cup £325 2 Email Wild Spirit

RORC race finishing in Guernsey

We dont have a start time yet but probably be Friday evening so afternoon meet.

As ever somone will end up having to work or go a wedding so likely to be a spare place

WS284 29 Jun
2 Jul
Round the Island Race £495 5 Email Wild Spirit

Classic race, up to 1800 entrants.

Every sailor should do it at least once. NOTE–every sailor not every Racing sailor.

Geoff will skipper again and we meet Thursday evening for training on Friday followed by the race on Saturday and overnight at the Folly before returning Sunday

Spectacular and great fun but don’t assume all the competitors know the rules of racing!

Cork Week

£495 and no early booking discounts as we always end up turning people away

WS289 21 Jul
23 Jul
Race to Weymouth £275 3 Email Wild Spirit

The Easter, Weymouth and second Cherbourg race weekends are combined events for our Fastnet and JOG teams We do this so members of the Fastnet and JOG Wild Spirit teams can meet; this is partly a development issue and we will be competing again in the 2018 Volvo Round Ireland Race.


If we have any spare places they are £275.

WS288 28 Jul
13 Aug
Fastnet plus training–2 weeks £2950 6 Email Wild Spirit

We have a 44 foot Swan for a 2 week package starting from the historic Port of Plymouth.
We train intensively for a week including a channel crossing and then to the Solent before joining 350 other competitors for the famous Fastnet race. This finishes in Plymouth which has good train services to London.

swan 44 racing

Paul an experienced Ocean Yachtmaster and YMI plus ISAF instructor will skipper and lead the training.

Cost of £2950 includes all on board food, fees, fuel, marinas, safety gear, team shirts etc.

for sign up and deposit (stage payments are fine) by 1st May cost is reduced to £2750

WS291 1 Sep
3 Sep
Race to Cherbourg £225 1 Email Wild Spirit

RORC race to Cherbourg.
The miles count as qualifiers for the Volvo round Ireland Race in 2018.

Likely to be a couple of spare palces for what is normally a cracking race.

Note joining time of 1500 due to evening start.

WS293 8 Sep
10 Sep
JOG Race to Poole plus return race £275 1 Email Wild Spirit

Always a great race weekend. we race from Cowes to Poole by a long route (often round south of the Island) then a spinnaker rush back on the Sunday morning. Great social scene.

If all team members can make it (agreed in advance) we will meet around 1600 and go up to Cowes Friday evening

This is part of JOG Campaign but we already (28/11/16) have 2 others booked in. May be a place– e-mail to express interest.

WS304 22 Sep
24 Sep
JOG Solent Race weekend £250 3 Email Wild Spirit

Race from Cowes in Solent finishing at Lymingto. Race back to Cowes  on the Sunday then return on tide to Lymington


Rigger Paul is skippering this one as it is skipper Paul’s wedding anniversay and he has remembered this time.


Will be some spaces for non-team members.

WS295 29 Sep
1 Oct
Cherbourg Race £275 1 Email Wild Spirit

The Easter, Weymouth and second Cherbourg race weekends are combined events for our Fastnet and JOG teams We do this so members of the Fastnet and JOG Wild Spirit teams can meet; this is partly a development issue and we will be competing again in the 2018 Volvo Round Ireland Race.

3 places at £275–reduction if you do other races with us.

WS296 7 Oct
12 Oct
5 Day RYA £425 4 Email Wild Spirit

5 day RYA course
The sea is at its warmest about 21st September and this is one of the driest periods of the year.
Everywhere is open but the crowds have gone. A great time of the year to sail.

At £425 for bookings before 1st May/or first 2 bookings, it is a great value sailing course and holiday.
There are no hidden extras but do allow for a couple of meals ashore, though you can stay on board and eat if you wish, we will provide the food.

Join Saturday evening for dinner on board at 2000

After 1st May or first 2 bookings–whichever comes first–cost is £495

One booked 8/3