Full Programme

Full Programme

Just hit big e-mail issue so please use paulandjudith.jackson@btinternet.com to contact us

2017 sees us continuing to run top quality courses with no hidden extras, we will also run extended courses and cruises so we can visit France, and Channel Islands. We continue to operate RYA courses as part of Lymington Yacht Charters Sea School a well established RYA training centre.

As well as Round the Island racing will include at least 12 races plus the Fastnet. We also have the Caribbean 600 on a Farr 65 and the Sydney Hobart on Helsal 3 a 66 footer.

ID Join Likely Finish Event Price Spaces  
WS307 21 May
30 May
Bermuda to Antigua Ocean YM Passage £750/500 5 Email Wild Spirit

Dates—Join 21st May in Bermuda finish in Falmouth Harbour Antigua by 30th May.
3 Places for full Ocean YM qualifying passage supervised by Paul Jackson, RYA YM Ocean and RYA YM Instructor.
Cost is £750 each including all food, fuel etc. You will need to submit sailing CV and be accepted as the QP includes you being in charge of a watch. You will also be able to do your Astro-Nav on this 935NM passage but will need to provide your own Sextant and be familiar with using it before we start. You will also need to bring your own forms for recording sights and if you use them (recommended) Reeds Astro-Navigation Tables. This is for experienced Yachtmasters who have already studied the YM Ocean theory and who are preparing for the final oral exam.
Partial QPs – You can also just do your Astro-Nav and gain experience on this trip then do your QP on a later trip. Cost is £500 each. Join 21st or 22nd May in Bermuda finish in Falmouth Harbour Antigua by 30th May.
The Yacht
Spirit of Juno is a Farr 65 that has raced round the World, she was built to carry up to 19 crew though we will have a maximum of 10 on board. She is a tough vessel built to withstand the Southern Ocean so if we do get a gale she is the right yacht to be on. In 2016 we were the first ‘Sea School’ yacht home in the Caribbean 600 when about 30% of the others retired.


Combine with Antigua to Bermuda race for just £1995

WS281 26 May
29 May
RORC Eddystone Race £350 2 Email Wild Spirit

RORC race from Cowes round the Eddystone light and back.

BH wekend and we may finish late on the Monday or even early Tuesday (you can stay on board o/n if you wish).

A great race, our best place in the race was 2nd several years ago and the yacht that beat us went on to win the Fastnet that year.

WS282 30 May
27 Jun
Bareboat Opportunity £- 8 Email Wild Spirit

Wild Spirit will be available for Bareboat Charter during this period (except for 8th to 11th)
Price will depend on length of charter with reduced rate for former Wild Spirits.
You will need to demonstrate suitable qualifications and/or experience and there will be a breakage deposit.

WS283 9 Jun
11 Jun
RORC Morgan Cup £325 2 Email Wild Spirit

RORC race finishing in Guernsey

We dont have a start time yet but probably be Friday evening so afternoon meet.

As ever somone will end up having to work or go a wedding so likely to be a spare place

WS308 22 Jun
28 Jun
Scotland Mile builder+ RYA £295 2 Email Wild Spirit

From Fort William (Corpach) to Dublin (Dun Laoghaire) passing Rhum, Jura and Islay then down past Rathlin island and the Isle of Man.

Join evening of Thursday 22nd June for Friday morning departure, we sail south down Loch Linhe tpast Oban, Islay, Mull and Jura. Superb cruising area but with serious tides to consider. We will call into sevral ports and may include Oban, Islay, IOM and Rathlin Island as overnight stops. At least 350 NM so an overnight passage or 2. Skipper will be Paul, a Yachtmaster Instructor who has sailed this area several times.

Excellent for those working towards Coastal and Yachtmaster Offshore, but you can do RYA Comp Crew if you wish–check with Paul to make sure you are suitable. We have a 37 foot Jeanneau SunFast.

Wild Spirit in small Hebrides port.

Cheap flights and easy connections from Glasgow airport and to Dublin at the finish. The train station at Corpach is a very short walk from the boat. Mike has booked on the 1221 train from GLA to Corpach–4 hours of one of the most scenic train lines in the World. He paid £20 for his ticket.
We fly back from DUB around 1900 on 28th June.

One CC booked plus 2 milebuilders at 29/4/17

This is after the 3 Peaks yacht Race and there is a slightly increased risk element for this trip so in the event of bad weather disrupting the race we will use Oban as the alternative starting point as it still works for flights etc.

A rare opportunity to build miles in one of the most beautiful cruising areas in the World.
Cost is £295 including Food but allow for 2 meals out. Marina fees are included in cost. Loan of Oilies is extra.

WS297 23 Jun
25 Jun
RYA Day Skipper / Comp Crew £525 1 Email Wild Spirit

The long and short wekends will be fairly intensive and we will take a maximimu of 4 students

Nick Hall will be Instructing both weekends, as well as being an experienced RYA Instructor he has been a lead skipper for Flotillas in the Med and Caribbean.

Weekends are (long) 18th to 21st May and 23rd to 25th June.

You can talk to Nick about the course on 07787 945378


sailing-after-a-hard-dayRelaxing after a busy day


Total cost includes bothweekends—£525 which includes all on board food, fuel, fees etc.

WS284 29 Jun
2 Jul
Round the Island Race £495 5 Email Wild Spirit

Classic race, up to 1800 entrants.

Every sailor should do it at least once. NOTE–every sailor not every Racing sailor.

Geoff will skipper again and we meet Thursday evening for training on Friday followed by the race on Saturday and overnight at the Folly before returning Sunday

Spectacular and great fun but don’t assume all the competitors know the rules of racing!

Cork Week

£495 and no early booking discounts as we always end up turning people away

WS285 7 Jul
10 Jul
St Malo Race £375 2 Email Wild Spirit

St Malo race or training weekend. We should be qualified by now and if so we will not do the race as it is notorious for lack of wind/ adverse tides. If we need to do this race you will need Friday afternoon off plus Monday. We will make decision before 12th June.



2013 fastnet finish pink

Great race and also good for those working towards Yachtmaster.

Remember we may not be back until late on the Monday night, you can stay on board and leave Tuesday if this is the case.

WS287 11 Jul
16 Jul
RYA Course £525 5 Email Wild Spirit

5 Day RYA with Tuesday evening start so only 3 days leave needed.
Day Skipper and Competent Crew available.
Includes good on board food and no hidden extras.

if you want to just sail deduct £25

WS289 21 Jul
23 Jul
Race to Weymouth £275 3 Email Wild Spirit

The Easter, Weymouth and second Cherbourg race weekends are combined events for our Fastnet and JOG teams We do this so members of the Fastnet and JOG Wild Spirit teams can meet; this is partly a development issue and we will be competing again in the 2018 Volvo Round Ireland Race.


If we have any spare places they are £275.

WS288 28 Jul
13 Aug
Fastnet plus training–2 weeks £2950 6 Email Wild Spirit

We have a 44 foot Swan for a 2 week package starting from the historic Port of Plymouth.
We train intensively for a week including a channel crossing and then to the Solent before joining 350 other competitors for the famous Fastnet race. This finishes in Plymouth which has good train services to London.

swan 44 racing

Paul an experienced Ocean Yachtmaster and YMI plus ISAF instructor will skipper and lead the training.

Cost of £2950 includes all on board food, fees, fuel, marinas, safety gear, team shirts etc.

for sign up and deposit (stage payments are fine) by 1st May cost is reduced to £2750

WS292 5 Aug
13 Aug
Fastnet on Wild Spirit £3850 1 Email Wild Spirit

Fastnet team will now be ready to compete for best sea school yacht in this famous race.
last time Irish Offshore sea school beat us but we then beat them in the Volvo Round Ireland race 2016 so its all to play for but friendly rivallry.
WS Spinnaker RIR 2014

Based on previous years there is about 40% chance of a team member having to miss the big race. Priority in filling any space will go to those who have donw a race with us before.

Cost fo £3850 is for whole Fastnet campaign package

WS290 17 Aug
27 Aug
Cruise £650 4 Email Wild Spirit

Starts at Plymouth Yacht Haven and finishes in Lymington.
Where we go in betwen depends on the weather and the crew.
We might go out to the Scillies or across to Britanny or the Channel Islands.
We aim to be back into Lymington by early Sunday afternoon so you can travel home before BH rush,
meet is Thursday evening to avoid Friday rush.

You can do an RYA Competent Crew course on this trip or you can just sail and build miles and experience.

Paul will skipper and Judith, his wife, will be on board.

Different format for this one with Kitty for evening meals and drinks; all other costs included in the price.
We will probably have a few meals our as well.

WS291 1 Sep
3 Sep
Race to Cherbourg £225 1 Email Wild Spirit

RORC race to Cherbourg.
The miles count as qualifiers for the Volvo round Ireland Race in 2018.

Likely to be a couple of spare palces for what is normally a cracking race.

Note joining time of 1500 due to evening start.

WS293 8 Sep
10 Sep
JOG Race to Poole plus return race £275 1 Email Wild Spirit

Always a great race weekend. we race from Cowes to Poole by a long route (often round south of the Island) then a spinnaker rush back on the Sunday morning. Great social scene.

If all team members can make it (agreed in advance) we will meet around 1600 and go up to Cowes Friday evening

This is part of JOG Campaign but we already (28/11/16) have 2 others booked in. May be a place– e-mail to express interest.

WS294 10 Sep
17 Sep
RYA 7 day course with cross channel £625 5 Email Wild Spirit

The 7 day RYA format proved popular in 2016
It allows us to cross the channel but still have plenty of time for the syllabus.
The sea is at its warmest about the 21st September, the crowds have gone but everywhere is still open and pleased to see us.

A great holiday and a RYA qualifiaction as well if you want to do one.

If you just want to sail and build the miles then deduct £25 from cost.

Allow for at least 2 meals out on this trip.

WS304 22 Sep
24 Sep
JOG Solent Race weekend £250 3 Email Wild Spirit

Race from Cowes in Solent finishing at Lymingto. Race back to Cowes  on the Sunday then return on tide to Lymington


Rigger Paul is skippering this one as it is skipper Paul’s wedding anniversay and he has remembered this time.


Will be some spaces for non-team members.

WS295 29 Sep
1 Oct
Cherbourg Race £275 1 Email Wild Spirit

The Easter, Weymouth and second Cherbourg race weekends are combined events for our Fastnet and JOG teams We do this so members of the Fastnet and JOG Wild Spirit teams can meet; this is partly a development issue and we will be competing again in the 2018 Volvo Round Ireland Race.

3 places at £275–reduction if you do other races with us.

WS296 7 Oct
12 Oct
5 Day RYA £425 4 Email Wild Spirit

5 day RYA course
The sea is at its warmest about 21st September and this is one of the driest periods of the year.
Everywhere is open but the crowds have gone. A great time of the year to sail.

At £425 for bookings before 1st May/or first 2 bookings, it is a great value sailing course and holiday.
There are no hidden extras but do allow for a couple of meals ashore, though you can stay on board and eat if you wish, we will provide the food.

Join Saturday evening for dinner on board at 2000

After 1st May or first 2 bookings–whichever comes first–cost is £495

One booked 8/3