Cruising Reports

Family sailing–October half term

Picture from last family trip, this is not really mile building sailing but a great way of spending a few days seeing if a Flotilla next year is likely to work. We are based at Plymouth so a few days on the water can be linked with a West Country break. Trips are tailored to meet individual needs, the last thing I want to do is put kids off sailing, and we are fortunate to be at Plymouth which offers sheltered waters plus a trip up the Tamar if weather isn’t ideal.

These are alternatives to our Milebuilder sailing trips but both include tuition if desired so a good way to help get the family ready for crewing next summer

Cruising Reports

September and October sailing

We have a few long weekend Milebuilder trips in September and October. I have put a couple on the programme page already and another one or 2 to come. Mile building in the Autumn works well as there is nearly always room in a Marina at the far end, we might do the odd overnighter and a few night hours are possible, to a great extent this depends on the team.

Whilst we are coded for 10 the social distancing and individual cabin requirements restrict us to 4 including the skipper or 5 if a couple/family.

These milebuilder trips are out of Plymouth Yacht Haven and the west country is a great place for mile building at any time of year.

Cruising Reports

Autumn long weekend sail

I have just added a long weekend in early October starting Plymouth. Whilst it is useful for experience and some mile building sailing I wouldn’t describe it as a full on Milebuilder though I would be very suprised to do less than 100 NM

Probably best if you have done Comp Crew already or have some experience as it isn’t a RYA course but good for building miles and experience towards Day/Coastal Skipper and YachtMaster.

Cruising Reports

Sunshine in the Scillies

Pic is of Fowey which we stopped at on way back

The mile builder out to the Scillies went well and we explored Tresco, Bryher, St Marys, Gugh and St Agnes before a splendid sail back with up to 20 knots on the beam all the way to Newlyn. Finding moorings and anchorages was easy in the Scillies but more dificult in some ports, particularly Falmouth and on the way out we stopped at Helford River as Falmouth was full. We had a choice of numerous visitors Buoys at HR which is unusual in the high season. Mile building sailing trips are subject to ‘Family Bubble’ Self contained and SD requirements and our next one is skippered charter for a single family. I hope we will be as fortunate with the weather which saw us in pleasant dry conditions whilst the SE of England sweltered.

Cruising Reports

Smalls or Bailies

Actually sunrise in Bermuda after a race from Antigua as I couldn’t find a picture of either the Smalls or the Bailies. Where are they anyway? Well either side of St Georges Channel which is the narrow bit between Wales and the SE of Ireland. It is 40 miles across with sometimes tricky shallows and rocks on bothe sides (Smalls Wales, Bailieys Ireland) and 100 square miles of Traffic Seperation Scheme in the middle. Just the sort of challenge we like on a Mile builder trip and it forms part of the first big one from Lymington to Troon The Mile building sailing up in Scotland will also invlove navigational challenges and give those progressing towards YachtMaster the opportunity to gain Qualifying Passages.

Cruising Reports

Happy Christmas from Wild Spirit

Greetings from both of us here at Global HQ. We hope you got what you wished for at Xmas but if you didn’t there are 2 things to bear in mind 1) Most people in the World got less 2) You can always treat yourself to a Milebuilder sail on Wild Spirit or if you can’twait till April then there is a place left in our Caribbean 600 team on Juno a Farr 65

For details of our Mile building sailing as far as Shetland, Races to France at Easter and Qualifying Passages for RYA YachtMaster either have a look at the website or give Paul a call on 01823 433813.

Cruising Reports

Fowey, Why no Moorings in the middle?

Pic of China Clay Ship arriving at Fowey

We may stop at Fowey on our first Milebuilder trip from Lymington to Troon it will depend on the weather, tide and Crew. Fowey is a delightful little Port though in a Southerly of 7 or more a swell can work up the river. The first trip already has 2 regulars booked on though one is just for Dublin to Troon. This is a good trip for mile building sailing with several Qualifying Passages for YachtMaster qualifications plus the chance to stop at some lovely ports and possibly have a bite and a drink.

Ship Inn Fowey, though I prefer the Beer in the Yacht Club

Cruising Reports

Why Scotland for Milebuilding sailing in 2020?

Our Mile builder sailing for 2020 will be in Scotland for several reasons including 1) The West Coast, Hebrides, Orkneys and Shetland offer some of the best cruising grounds in the World. You can find a secluded anchorage with Otters, Seals and Birds as your only company but sail somewhere and get provisions the next day. 2) The scenery is World Class and so is the local sea food. Paul loves cooking with fresh Fish, Scallops and Venison 3) For those progressing towards RYA YachtMaster there are a number of interesting Qualifying Passages available. 4) We will go through the Caledonian Canal on our way up to the Orkneys, you can even trying looking for the Loch Ness Monster but don’t expect a refund if you don’t spot Nessie.

Cruising Reports

Charity Weekend–Character Building

The Charity weekend in aid of Knoticat with some of the Caribbean 600 team on board turned into a character building return leg after the oil warning sounded on the way to Cowes. Picture is of Sea Start who helped us off the berth at E. Cowes and past the Chain Ferry slipping the tow before we sailed back to Lymington with F7 ,gusting over 40 at times, against the start of the Ebb.

Despite Tacking we covered the distance in under 2 hours and sailed on to the Dan Bran Pontoon before Lymington Yacht Haven helped us alongside.

The sea state was a bit Gnarly at times and when deciding to make the trip the strength of the crew was an important factor. For budding YachtMasters, such as are booked on some of our Milebuilder trips, a quick review of factors to consider when considering a trip may be found on