David Cameron?

Nick, pictured here with Candy, apparently gets accused of looking like David Cameron. Perhaps I could do the London taxi routine of ‘That David Cameron, I had him in the back on a mile builder once’.

It was actually taken off Cornwall on a RYA Mile building sailing trip in September.

West Country Mile builder

Our first port of call on the way back from Dublin on the RYA mile builder was Newlyn and a good meal in the Red Lion. In 2019 we have a west country mile building trip out of Plymouth and Newlyn is likely to be included.

Plymouth Ho

Pic of Plymouth as we arrived at the end of a Milebuilding sailing trip from Dublin. Next trip is RYA course and mile builder back to Lymington ready for the race to Cherbourg on 21sth September

Caribbean 600 update

As well as our UK RYA courses and mile builder sailing we also have a Farr 65 footer, in pic, for the Caribbean 600 in February. It is a great race and becoming increasingly popular. We have already filled more than half the places in the 2018 team so if you want a place do contact me soon.

We have new North 3Di sails for 2019.

3 Peaks Yacht Race results published

The 3 PYR results are now on their website https://www.threepeaksyachtrace.co.uk/results-2018 and the picture above shows how tired I was at the end. We have picked up at least 9 trophies including line honours and overall race winners. My thanks to Nick, Pete, Jon and Shelf for a great team performance.

We have a couple of races left for this season, the first to Cherbourg is full, but still places on the much less serious JOG Solent race weekend on 21st September meet Lymington Yacht Haven friday evening.

Heading South

picture of Rockabill lghthouse just North of Dublin and as I type Wild Spirit is berthed in Dun Laoghaire ready for our next RYA Milebuilder back to Plymouth and we have 3 regulars plus one new person with us. Our Mile building passages have proved very succesful and have involved several rather good nights out in Ireland and the Hebrides. A bit different from our RYA courses where completing the course properly is the top priority. We do have fun as well but Day Skipper is a big course to fit in to 5 days and if it has my name on it then it is done properly.

Back to Ireland

Pic of a singing skipper and we normally have a good night or 2 supporting the local economy on most of our milebuilder sailing trips.The trip from Troon down to Dublin saw several such stops but the one from Dublin across to UK doesn’t offer quite so much opportunity.

More RYA mile builder sailing to come at Xmas and in 2019 plus space on the Plymouth to Lymington trip if you can’t wait to then.

Mile builder special offer

Pic is of Jon Morgan one of our team that won the 3 Peaks yacht race becoming World Record holder for Marathon as Cartoon Character. You won’t need to run for this offer but you will cover at least 4 times the miles Jon did.

The RYA courses in October are all filling (half the bookings come in the 3 weeks before the course) but the one starting on Friday 14th September in Plymouth has only two bookings at present. It is going to run, if need be my wife will crew, but I would like at least 3 plus me on board so special offer of £100 off for next booking only–just £225 and it is easy by train or coach to Plymouth and Lymington. We have just Comp Crew or mile building on this course though we will take Day Skippers providing you meet the RYA minimum requirements. Good for mile building sailing and those needing to do some mile builders for RYA qualifications. Paul a YachtMaster Instructor with over 100,000 miles will be skipper. After next booking it is back to £325 which is still great value. I can’t alter the web site when I am at sea so apologise if place has gone when you enquire. judith will do forms in my absence.

Fastnet 2019?

Pic of us finishing Fastnet in 2015. We will have a team for 2019 and already have 5 booked but I don’t have all dates yet partly because not all the race programmes have been sorted yet. We will be less expensive than others as we are ‘not for profit’ but we are after committed team members, not passengers. We will also have RYA Mile building sailing and these mile builders will include France, the Channel Islands and possibly the Isles of Scilly.