North by Northwest

We are on our way to Ireland then on North towards Troon ready for the RYA Mile building trips including one out sailing to St Kilda. The big leg is Falmouth to Ireland and you can track our progress when we are within 30 NM of the shore via / and type in Wild Spirit.

Bareboat Charter Scotland

As well as our trip out to St Kilda and our RYA Milebuilders for those heading for YachtMaster or just wanting some sailing mile building we also have some barebaot charter opportunities. Wild Spirit—40’ Jeanneau MCA Coded and RYA standard. Complies with World Sailing Federation for Volvo Round Ireland, Fastnet etc. Coded for 10 people and comfortably sleeps 8 If you wish we can also provide a qualified skipper.

Obscure success

The RYA course suffered poor visibility on 2 days but we still managed to cover 109 miles with Pete passing his Day skipper comfortably. Susan and Barbara happily completed their Comp Crew and we finished the course in sunshine and a pleasant F4 from the South. From 15th April we will be heading off to Scotland for our Milebuilder sailing trips and RYA mile building courses including out to St Kilda.

Irish Rover–now 3 one week legs.

late August and early September sees us head back south after our mile builder sailing in Scotland. The Irish Rover trip is particularly good for those building sailing miles towards their RYA YachtMaster and we will have several YM qualifying passages. I am rescheduling these Mile building trips to run in 3 one week legs and include YachtMaster qualifying passages on each leg.

The Early Bird

Bookings are coming in for the Scottish Mile builder trips with 4 regulars booked so now only one space left on the Scottish Explorer sailing trip in May. Our big RYA Mile building is out to St Kilda at the end of July and as i am going to be spending a lot of time at sea soon I want another booking to join the 2 regulars plus me already booked on this one. Early bird offer–next to book £200 off.

Photo is from Lymington and attempt at Starling control

Cherbourg–not quite

Easter saw a wet and cold race to Cherbourg. Like the majority of the fleet we retired after bobbing around for 6 wet and windless hours as we drifted to and fro in mid channel. With a few team members sea sick and one looking , to me, likely early hypothermia we retired and ran into Poole the trained for the rest of the weekend including quite a bit of spinnaker work. 163 NM logged with 7 night hours and quite a bit of useful development for both our VRIR and Scottish RYA mile builder sailing

Campbletown Loch

“Campbletown Loch, I wish you were whisky,Campbletown Loch Och Aye, Campbletown Loch, I wish you were whisky, then I would drink you dry”.

We will almost certainly visit Campbletown this summer on either a RYA Mile building sailing trip or Mile builder course. It is a friendly place but last time we visited slighlty run down, it does however have a magnificent swimming Pool that does a special deal for yachtsmen including a shower (before and after).

RYA success

The course ending Weds 28th saw Nell comfortably pass her Day Skipper with George and Craig having no problem with Comp Crew. The weather was fairly cold at times but this was counteracted by hot showers in Marinas and Wild Spirit’s heating systems. One feature was how much the forecasts changed which just re-inforced my view that around the UK they are unlikely to be accurate more than 3 days ahead. I hope one or more of the team will join us for a RYA mile builder in Scotland this summer. Pic of previous course as we haven’t shared the ones from this one yet.

St Kilda–Public Endorsement

Practical Boat Owner latest edition says ‘If you ever have the chance to visit St Kilda..try and grab it with both hands’


We are heading back out for the third time to St Kilda as part of our Scottish RYA Mile Building sailing. it is a 2 week trip out of Troon and we will take in the outer Hebrides including revisiting some of our favorite anchorages. 2 regulars already booked for the mile builder starting 28th July