Caribbean 600 Race February 2019

We have just agreed the Caribbean 600 programme on Juno for next year. After our Scottish Mile builder sailing and RYA mile building courses out to St Kilda it will make a big change to be sailing 40 degrees further south but mid 20s in February and trade winds make a compelling case for this increasingly popular race. Details of the C600 on Spirit of Juno a classic Farr 65 on our main programme page.

Wild West

At the end of July we head west with St Kilda as our objective. This 2 week mile builder is the big one for the season. Will we get there? most likely as we have done it before and understand the need to pick a suitable weather window. The picture shows us at anchor at St Kilda last time and we went ashore to visit the preserved main street on this abandoned Island. We have 3 experienced sailors already signed up including one who has sailed to St Kilda with me before, so room for just 2 more on this RYA mile building sailing expedition. We will also visit several other Islands and spend time ashore on most of them before returning to troon near Glasgow airport.

Sailing in the Frozen North

Wild Spirit is up in Scotland after the milebuilder sailing trips. Picture is of us in Largs on 18th May at about 1900 and was followed by a glorious sunset. At the end of August we set off back south on more RYA mile building sailing trips. Before then we have a trip out to St Kilda plus a couple of other mile building trips.

Irish Rover revised

The revised format for the Mile building Irish Rover trips is now on the Programme page. The biggest RYA Mile builder is leg 2 which will be over 300 NM.

The first Mile builder is from Troon to Arklow and will have several stops plus the odd pint of Guinness. this should be avery sociable sail but if people wish we might have one night sail. Plenty of opportunity to develop YachtMaster skills.

More details of final Mile building leg in a month or so

Pic of Fastnet with Mel in front.

MOB in Largs

After the Dublin to Scotland Milebuilder we called into Largs to drop off a sail for repair. Lydia, one of our Volvo Round Ireland team was there and took the photo. What she missed was George falling in at our first attempt at berthing. An experienced sailor he was holding the shrouds and close enough to step on to the pontoon, Craig had already stepped through the gate. He was stood with his feet on the rail and wearing gardening wellies. As I saw it from the helm one foot appeared slow to leave the rail and subsequently I find that the slot in the wellies is a close fit on the width of the rail. The way he fell suggests to me that one welly ‘locked’ on to the rail. The lifejacket inflated correctly and Craig helped him on to the Pontoon. During Milebuilder sailing, lifejackets are compulsory as they are on RYA courses.

Milebuilder so far

We haven’t gone as far as the picture–£50 off any new booking for a trip for someone identifying it correctly by 2nd May–but as I write Wild Spirit is in Greystone marina just south of Dublin after a couple of trips with some rather fast sailing. From Lymington we went to Weymouth and had 2 nights there to let a particulary strong southerly come through. A fast run down to Plymouth was followed by a cracking run down to the splendid port of Fowey. The next day had little wind forecast but we managed to sail most of the way to Falmouth and team changeover. The Falmouth to Dublin mile building trip saw us sail rather quickly to Milford Haven where we spent 2 nights before an early start for our run across to Arklow covering 100NM in 12 hours. After sampling some Irish food and the odd pint we wanted to overnight in Wicklow but the wind was strongwer than forecast and from wxactly the wrong direction so we went past and on to the Castle like shelter of Greystones Marina before having a super meal in the Hungry Monk. A particular feature we noted was the playing of Gregorian Chants in the toilets. Next leg as we sail on to Scotland is the RYA milebuilder from Greystones to Troon.

The Black Stuff

We are now in the Emarald Isle and of course a pint or 2 of Guinness has passed our lips.

Next stage is on to Troon probably via the Isle of Man or Rathlin Island. Rathlin is one of my favourites and we will probably also call in there on one of our RYA sailing mile building trips in the summer. Hard to say which but could be on the way back from St Kilda and the outer Hebrides.

Pic offf Ireland during 2014

North by Northwest

We are on our way to Ireland then on North towards Troon ready for the RYA Mile building trips including one out sailing to St Kilda. The big leg is Falmouth to Ireland and you can track our progress when we are within 30 NM of the shore via / and type in Wild Spirit.

Bareboat Charter Scotland

As well as our trip out to St Kilda and our RYA Milebuilders for those heading for YachtMaster or just wanting some sailing mile building we also have some barebaot charter opportunities. Wild Spirit—40’ Jeanneau MCA Coded and RYA standard. Complies with World Sailing Federation for Volvo Round Ireland, Fastnet etc. Coded for 10 people and comfortably sleeps 8 If you wish we can also provide a qualified skipper.